Who is DenteMax?

you can just guide it and it usually does a better job of actually DenteMax  reaching it because it requires less effort I've got a you know my wife uses the bathroom so if you know if you're in with other people the chances of that just went up so guys take care .

let me know what you think in the comments and if you want more information about grooming about style go over to real men real style tons of great information got that free ebook for you take care see you to turn on your ultrasonic unit there is a button on the back it's a flip switch on most units.


I'm gonna turn it on here is the power and on this unit the power and water dial I'm using the slimline today so I can use it on low to medium speed so I'm going to just turn it a little bit in order to load your ultrasonic tip appropriately you need to first fill the ultra hot the ultrasonic handle so I'm pushing the .

my button on the floor to fill the ultra hot the ultrasonic hand unit up there you go and you get a nice little bubble on the top I like to turn on my high speed evacuator when I place the ultrasonic tip in the handle to catch the extra water like so so I'm not making an S and then you're going to settle the ultrasonic handle in but.

we'll just like tip in the handle all right what you're looking for to know that your ultrasonic is at the right amount of water is you're looking for a fine mist and a drip so I'm just going to engage the foot pedal over my high-speed and as you can see that's just one sharp stream of water so I'm going to adjust my dial and wait for a mist and a drip a little much.

I missed in the drip there's a nice mess and the drips that's what you'reabout it toothbrush is literally looking for I'm going to show that again the mist and the drip for basic ultrasonic instrumentation remember that the lateral sides of the ultrasonic are the most effective so here and here also remember that the most effective part of the instrument are the last three millimeters of the instrument itself.

I'm going to show you both curette and probe style how to move from one to another and be affected users he also fired get ready zone on the lateral side of money and move that I'm using strokes out here as I'm going difficult and I'm using multi-directional strokes and watch as I come towards the video I am turning that instrument into a curette no work.

I'm not using the best I'm not spending it like this I'm making sure I bring this down so it stays on the lateral side of the instrument now so in order to be effective instructor server you're tapping that piece of calculus from the crown area to the apex there's nothing to the top of it that makes sense you know sighs