the real truth of cheap dental insurance

I had  cheap dental insurance to pay a copay so I paid my copay both days then they sent it in to the insurance company and I had a deductible so for each day of the test i had to pay two hundred dollars towards cheap dental insurance my deductible in addition to that because it was a hospital type of test it was a hospital breathing test I had to pay a percentage of what the services were so .

Cheap Dental Insurance

I on cheap dental insurance top of that I still had to pay bucks or something like that basically that by the time you added up all that out of pocket expense that one test cost me like six or seven hundred bucks it sucked um but.

I needed the test done and it's actually helped me breathe better but I was not expecting that kind of a bill it was really rough so a copay or coinsurance is a percentage .

The price of what that whatever the test cost and the college aren't the percentage is set in the information pamphlet that you as a patient get when you get the insurance ok so in EO be and you'll be is not a bill it says on it everywhere it is not a bill this is not a bill this is not a bill this is not a bill however patients always think that an EOB is a bill and usually.

T.hey will get an EOB in the mail and they will call you and they will freak out and ask why you're your billing them and the queue the first thing you need to figure out is if it's actually a bill or not so if you have your text book handy if you flip to page it gives you a picture of what an EOB looks like and you can see right.

cheap dental insurance