The Truth About Full Coverage Dental Insurance

The waiting periods a little bit shorter reason being that most competitors months orthos one-year wait   full coverage medical and dental insurance calendar your deductible and then because we just have one plan we give the choice on this plan of either , or , enjo maximum so once again Connecticut Illinois in New York that if you plan with our plans now that we spoke what advantage in advance.

Plus do you have the choice you can sell them a mac plan or you can sell them a UCR plan which is fairly unique to us so one big thing that I'll show you once we show you the enrollment link is find out if they're going to utilize the network if they are some one of the network plans if they're not you don't have to convince them to go and network or.

You don't have to convince  top full coverage dental insurance  them or really explain to them that okay we'll buy buying a network plan you know you're near your out-of-pocket expenses could be greater then they go how much greater and they go I don't know all this material is really peg just go ahead and offer them the UCR plan that's why it's there so that's that's something that's fairly unique to us um probably.


The biggest thing that Americans to the table other than the brand and the financial strength  top full coverage dental insurance and stability is the network we've now got the largest network if you look at the individual dental plans you're out there over four and twenty seven thousand max points nationwide amongst the providers were very well know one very well liked we do a lot of group business we've got very high persistency among care providers we have an app or if you want to do a look up you can do so obviously that that find a dentist search is also on our website.

But that's a huge deal for us here's what's unique about the network and I'll talk about this best economic value and that's what I wanted to show you this here's what's unique to our network if we are to all go out tomorrow and try to build a network you can do so and you can do so again really two distinctive ways you can build a very wide network that has everyone and their mother in it but with very little discount ie like a delta or you could build a very skinny Network emulating a an HMO plan where you've got a very small set of providers but a very large discount same thing like what health insurance

Full Coverage Dental Insurance