Insurances managed care is another kind of insurance and this one this one is a good one for healthy poor people to put it that way what that means is managed care renaissance dental plans are usually a little bit cheaper because they restrict you to certain things.

So in one year you can go see your family doctor twice you can go see the girly doctor once if you're a girl you can go for a mammogram once you can go like that kind of a thing so they set limitations and restrictions you can get blood work done twice and as long as you stay within those confines.


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You're fine if you go beyond that though then you have to pay for the full amount so let's say that's the year I happen to be sick and my managed care plan says I can only go see my family doctor twice but I need to go a third time because i have bronchitis well that third visit.

I'm going to be paying for the entire thing all by myself out of pocket because it's beyond my contract of renaissance dental a managed care plan kind of like an HMO also decides where a patient can go for services but the main thing about managed care is that it sets a limit to how often in a given year.

Someone can go for services okay so those are the most common types of insurances if your head is already spinning this is a good place to take a big deep breath pause me stop me and walk away because now we're about to get into some insurance terms.

That you're going to need to know so the next few slides basically are all slides full of definitions but I'm gonna explain them as we go so don't don't worry okay so the first thing that we're going to talk about is something that's better.

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