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Thing we use email for is dental insurance maine will some of a con for me confirmation you milliseconds that you hit submit here this payment credit card or bank checking account check this box here and you get to the final page this is your review page right here this shows you everything that you've got a shopping cart in terms of the DENTAL plan that you've selected and the Vision Plan and it's as simple as.

That you don't need a wet signature you don't need anything in addition it's literally going to be the simplest and quickest enrollment tool that you'll find out there for insurance that's how you process all the applications so a beautiful thing about is is when you're in API get that's the busiest time of the year this is something that if you're going to be meeting with the clients face-to-face you can leave.


Them with a brochure and by the way if you want brochures premiers got stock both of them you can ask them for them if you want the brochure you just leave it with them and then you do the enrollment later you don't have to do it on the spot if you want to if you've got someone that's going to help you with your enrollment you can give it to them um if you just want to wait till the end of the Union and submit the enrollment then you can totally do something once you hit submit you're going to.

individual dental plans maine You as the agent of record and also your clients are both going to receive confirmation email so you know that the policies been issued we do an instant issue in the beautiful thing about it it's a direct feed into our admin system it's the whole reason why we went to Apps only because then we can really kind of cut down on all the back-end service issues because we've got direct feeds into you know not only the admin system but also the printer for the fulfillment you know as a carrier s not going to would.

I don't really get call things you know from you know from premier or the other clients that I work with that say hey this one specific client didn't get an ID card or the other client called up and they going to find them in the MN system or the provider they went to the provider and they never heard of that carrier that they sort of insurance before um you know Amer this is kind of a household name with providers we've got four hundred seventy thousand access points nationwide so they're either internet worker at the very least that are aware of emeritus and so

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