it now where it's it the whole the whole that whole marketplace individual dental insurance plans in maine  really seems to be going from what I want to call like version point into two and three point now the the really interesting thing that I took away from was not just so much in the form too but also networking behind the scenes in talking with some of the technology partners about um the choice architecture programs.

Now that are being placed on some of these private exchanges are going to help the consumers dial in and find the best program for them very easily because I think there's a lot of consumers out there that want to kind of drive the choice but there's still a bunch of them that need to hit the easy button in and are going to need the help on.

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The marketplace platforms to dental plans in maine help them make that decision for them you know you talk about Renaissance dental what focus on other products do you have and and why is dental so important in your overall portfolio all right let me start with dental um that that's our that's our bread and butter and that's what I've been doing now for over years is basically dental um after.

Medical dental is the next choice in the benefit mix so you know it's it it's very high up on the ancillary food chain so to speak but there's so many more now that are coming and and that's kind of where we're expanding our reach our goal is to soon become everything ancillary so it's not just a dental one-trick pony program we recently added a fully insured vision product group product and then in the individual space.

We are now right now talking and just about to file a fully insured hearing product and I'm really liking that marketplace because that's new ground a lot of people really get into the discount programs when it comes to hearing but there really isn't anything full-blown insurance wise for that and you know our tea leaves are kind of telling us that could be the next big thing too and you know I I laugh about this people you or people use to actually laugh about when people would mention pet insurance but people are men are laughing anymore you know that's that's an ancillary product that people are looking for I'm still laughing about

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