Dental insurance options and the choices that you have when you come into Medicare so stay  DENTAL INSURANCE MAINE  tuned my name is Keith iron brick founder of Medicare on video I hope you'll find the information in this video very helpful and presented in an easy-to-understand format turning Medicare eligible is actually a very good thing you'll likely find Medicare to be a much better alternative for.

Your affordable dental insurance in maine  health insurance needs than what you may have had previously but there are some choices so I've created a Medicare Resource Center where I have videos on everything Medicare so after this video make sure to take a look at our Resource Center you'll likely find everything that you need for Medicare now you can also get an immediate quote for.


Your Medicare supplement insurance just put in your basic information and you'll receive the rates and the plans that are available in your area now it also be a great idea to subscribe to my youtube channel that way you'll always have access to my videos and you'll get updates as they come along so again I hope you find this video very helpful and please let me know.

If I can help okay so let's talk about dental options and the first thing you find out or one of the first things that you find out when you come into Medicare is that Medicare doesn't cover dental vision or hearing only in extreme circumstances like maybe a car accident a medical emergency where maybe you broke your jaw is where dental might be covered under Medicare so most folks have had certainly dental coverage all along and they generally want to keep dental coverage going forward because.

You're more likely to need it going forward than maybe you were in the  cheap dental insurance maine  past so I'm going to show you the different types that you understand your choices and then I'll tell you exactly what I would do if I were choosing a dental option and just so we understand what the choices are there's kind of just kind of like coming into Medicare there's two roads.

You can go down one is a discount dental plan another is a dental PPO plan and they are quite different in how they function and they can work well in different scenarios so it depends on kind of your dental history as to what might be better for you so let's understand a day discount dental plan first a discount dental plan has a low premium so

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