Who is DenteMax?

Who is DenteMax?

DenteMax braces bone remodeling is just the way our body grows the infant body replaces almost all of its original skeleton by the time it's a year old and it happens throughout our entire life % of my bone material is DenteMax

echnically new since last year we can manipulate the bone remodeling process to not only get straighter teeth but also to treat diseases like osteoporosis which make your bones very brittle by keeping overactive osteoclasts from dissolvingthe bone so much or by boosting osteoblasts to produce more bone drugs can prevent bones in those.

patients from breaking so easily people with severe bone injury have to rely on bone transplants where they take bone from other parts of their body and move it to the damaged area .

which is sometimes not even possible and is always painful so instead Paula Hammonds group at MIT has created a new material that very slowly releases proteins and these proteins cause osteoblasts to go right to the site where the injury happened and generate new bone now this was a really big deal for us because it's really hard to generate something.

that very slowly releases the protein most of the time the protein comes out very rapidly and gets swept away in the body so that it no longer has any effect it's easy to write braces off as a form of medieval torture but it's kind of amazing that this mouth torture actually works and the technology that makes it possible is not just in your braces it's in your bones hi my name