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All that but you know it really comes through when you start placing business with us that  full coverage dental insurance for implants  you can see that this gentle thing isn't just something on the side this is a core line for us in speed lines the biggest thing that a marriage does less than at least there's a benchmark portalthis is something that all call centers can submit and enter into it's. 

FULL COVERAGE DENTAL INSURANCE​ That's  medium is like to largest five iron plus America's falls within that medium range and within the insurance space no insurance company has received the benchmark portal two years in a row but Amyris has received a ten years in a row so it's pretty cool I'm not promising or saying you're never going to have any issues with the Meredith you know we'd all be foolish to to do so but what I am saying is if you're looking for a good dental plan I really believe we've got it so with that Danny.


I want to turn it back to you let's run through questions and then hopefully we've got a list of them here and we can try to get personal as possible thank you definitely just want to call attention to everybody there are some handouts they're downloadable for you hopefully you can see those in the little side box there so please make sure that you grab some of those they're downloadable PDFs of the various products.

That Bryan has covered for us and then also definitely feel free to chat you know any questions that you guys have brian is here you know offering up his time to be able to assist you guys so please feel free bit you know pop through any questions that you might have for him and one of the first questions that is popping up is what is the best way to market these products.

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That's good question maybe kind of a million-dollar question FULL COVERAGE DENTAL INSURANCE  I would say the best way to market these products this might not be the answer that this individual is looking for but is on a cross-sell basis I wouldn't necessarily be looking to build out like a dental website I mean I could use dental as a door opener but ultimately who's selling our plans it's those that are cross selling and so the largest Sugar's of the health or the Medicare are usually selling our plan so Dan's a question I would.

The best way to market them is on a cross-sell basis and just incorporating dental into all of your sales if you're at least asking about it every single time you can join that tamp of the to percent cross sell rate versus being in the camp of the with percent perfect and have this pop sure a couple different times now for clarification product availability

The Truth About Full Coverage Dental Insurance

The waiting periods a little bit shorter reason being that most competitors months orthos one-year wait   full coverage medical and dental insurance calendar your deductible and then because we just have one plan we give the choice on this plan of either , or , enjo maximum so once again Connecticut Illinois in New York that if you plan with our plans now that we spoke what advantage in advance.

Plus do you have the choice you can sell them a mac plan or you can sell them a UCR plan which is fairly unique to us so one big thing that I'll show you once we show you the enrollment link is find out if they're going to utilize the network if they are some one of the network plans if they're not you don't have to convince them to go and network or.

You don't have to convince  top full coverage dental insurance  them or really explain to them that okay we'll buy buying a network plan you know you're near your out-of-pocket expenses could be greater then they go how much greater and they go I don't know all this material is really peg just go ahead and offer them the UCR plan that's why it's there so that's that's something that's fairly unique to us um probably.


The biggest thing that Americans to the table other than the brand and the financial strength  top full coverage dental insurance and stability is the network we've now got the largest network if you look at the individual dental plans you're out there over four and twenty seven thousand max points nationwide amongst the providers were very well know one very well liked we do a lot of group business we've got very high persistency among care providers we have an app or if you want to do a look up you can do so obviously that that find a dentist search is also on our website.

But that's a huge deal for us here's what's unique about the network and I'll talk about this best economic value and that's what I wanted to show you this here's what's unique to our network if we are to all go out tomorrow and try to build a network you can do so and you can do so again really two distinctive ways you can build a very wide network that has everyone and their mother in it but with very little discount ie like a delta or you could build a very skinny Network emulating a an HMO plan where you've got a very small set of providers but a very large discount same thing like what health insurance


It's super super inexpensive not from a discount doctor this is very cheap full coverage dental insurance important for you to realize not from a discount doctor not from some guy who is on his last leg and says I do a thousand-dollar word of for fifty dollar or dollar because that statistical I'm talking about I'm talking about getting a ninety ninety-five percentdiscount okay sometimes it can only be a or a or a seventy percent discount.

I got that and how cannot be why do we not have a fixed price well I tell you why because we're talking about an Archon actions have been around for eons and funny enough if you look at the auctions with a auction of arts you know this , bindings and stuff like that rich people why because they know not to buy full retail price and currently on the internet.


There is with no doubt a grace from television do I  full coverage dental insurance  everything gets sold two little bracelets to literally everything gets old at heavy heavy discounted prices via auctions all right and and specifically they're called Benny auctions so basically you buy and the increase of every bit if you make it or somebody else in you and Chicago somebody's in New York somebody's Los Angeles.

You know you pit ones penny up the guy beats want Benny up you pit again another penny up their kind New York pits another penny up so it goes up by Bailey on increment each penny however for you to pit cost you approximately anything between dirty sense and a dollar it all depends on the sides and on wherever you go by the way I haven't yet site with term health care doesn't mean that once we started.


There will  FULL COVERAGE DENTAL INSURANCE  be any around but so you pit now you might rack up a hundred dollar in bidding and then have to buy the item because it read say overall the item went now to fifty dollars a thousand dollar item went now to fifty dollar maybe it went two hundred dollar and you racked up already dollar in bidding so you know go and win it maybe Oh slightly perhaps anyway for a total of are not used at all that's a eighty-five percent discount and of course many many times those items sell for even less meaning much much more discount now the doctor it's the doctor of your choice you choose your doctor

Awesome Tips About Full Coverage Dental Insurance

That  means the composite I just actually had Full Coverage Dental Insurance   this done the composite that I had is ten years old it was flaking and it was  coming apart no dude no dude knew decay but the actual composite was defective so I'm going to say that work is  defective and now look at the difference now it means something and now I can say let's replace that composite with in a  Modi composite and now it looks different all right let me turn my ledger on you can see down here in my ledger.

That when I Full Coverage Dental Insurance charted it so when I  went into the doctor's office and each art in it you said Andra you've got an emoji that's defective and now in the ledger it tells me that it's a defective  and he's replacing it with new modei no new DK thankfully so that's the way it should look now let's look at a pfm and this is the way equal soft would propose  a pfm as opposed to proposing a all ceramic realm and this is where the custom draw types make a big difference proposal and see.


The difference in the pixelated occlusal yes going for a pfm  to Full Coverage Dental Insurance an all ceramic crown that's where the charting starts to really come alive and having these things look different and I we like I said we switched we migrated from dendrix Egosoft note nothing wrong  with dendrix we just had our own personal reasons to doing that I found that charting was the hardest part for people to get used to because it's not the same way I think in other software do you find the same thing oh yeah yeah  and it you know.

If it's Full Coverage Dental Insurance  kind of like the battle between an Android phone and our iPhone you know it's the one that you're used to you know I always tease people when they say oh I don't like Eagles off and I look at what so they have and I  say let me just take your phone out give you mine and tell me if you like or not it's it's you know it's it's a tough one yeah.

Definitely but this is if you spend the time learning this it's amazing and it's super easy to be able to chart existing and then put together a  treatment plan and have it ready for the patient I mean if your doctor under you and I are both on the same page you need to go chart list and I actually say paperless now right there's no reason not to it's just the technology is there but you really have to invest


we look at three things as far as practice viability we look at collections for the last three years we look at new patient slow for the last three years new patients would be code and the third thing we look at howard is how busy is the doctor solid week and a half two weeks absolutely solid for full coverage dental insurance.


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Then hey don't join anything anymore you're in pretty doggone good shape if you're below week solid though if you're less than or five working days solidly booked out then there's not adequate doctor busyness now the other end of the spectrum we see this sometimes.

The doctor that's in different plans and booked out six weeks they need psychological help they need a psychological counselor to be in plans and then the doctors book say six eight weeks out you can't even get to the doctor for full coverage dental insurance so they need to trim those plans back obviously.

So we look for the healthiness of the practice though where are you what's your new patient flow been the last three years what's your collections and how busy is the doctor so what what is the average number of plans so five.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance

What in the door or not and say once full coverage dental insurance you do walk through the door the fee schedule the fees that you're going to pay for say a crown or such that's going to be drastically lower than a PPO fee base or just off the street fee base so it's a great tool I'm not a big fan of medical HMOs but I'm a very big .

Fan of dental HMOs interesting because one of the things as just a business owner when I look at something like that all I hear is continuity based income that they're getting a fee every month whether you show up or not and for that you're exchanging some level of care but I'm curious if that level of care or that level of discount is really worth.

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The transaction are there any other options when people are looking for a dental plan or a dental insurance that might save them almost as much and as the discount because it's not it sounds like it's not completely paid for stuff if you needed a crown or you needed Invisalign braces or something of that nature you're just getting the discount right that's right and a lot of orthodontia for example braces and such a lot of those are discounts so the other tools strategy if you will that I use are discount cards where you basically say your risk is hey I don't really need it.


I don't need a root canal next week I just need it for routine cleanings routine x-ray stay on top of my dental health so a discount card there's many of them out there I have one that I really recommend mc rewards it it will go in there and you will just pay a discounted rate so instead of you know paying for a family sometimes the dental insurance could be a hundred and twenty-five dollars a month you know instead of paying that hundred and twenty-five dollars a month you pay a greatly reduced fee