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The next question is when you said the longer you are with a dental insurance immediate coverage plan the more coverages you get can you please expand on that a little bit more yep yep so kind of just back to the same point what I mean by that is it's not that the plan will will perpetually continue to increase it's not like this becomes which becomes on a percent.

All I'm saying there is initially the plan pays less you know basics only and majors only but after a year as you hold a policy after a year specifically that coverage will increase so that's what I meant by that statement okay next question do you have a practice site for playing with applications yes so first things first if if you want to if you want to just get a sense of what that enrollment process look like I kind of show it to here today but if you want to kind of stay put in your own zip code and play around with.

It um you can you can go to Dental Insurance No Waiting Period  premieres page it starred at slash premier or you can use the old domain those works as well which is security life comm slash premier and all the marketers have that link and they'll likely be including that in the email but if you but that is a live site so it's not like a sandbox enrollment tool.

If some people called and so if you really Dental Insurance No Waiting Period want that um the way that you can do it is if you go back to our individual plans here you can hit this edit button and then ask how are you working with an agent and the sandbox tool is at least maybe if you can kind of #linkedin reference that and let the guys know that's you know sure well that would be aware you can truly take it all the way through it and won't actually issue a policy but for the most part folks just kind of want to get a sense of how it works you know they want to see.

What the prices are in their specific zip code they kind of want it you know you don't need to actually do the full check out in that instance you can just use the flash premier site perfect next question what are your commission rates yep so the street Commission is twenty five and two meaning twenty five percent first year two percent renewal.

That Dental Insurance No Waiting Period  renewal increases in conjunction with rate increases if there are any and that renewal continues for life and then if you are a general agency MGA MGA if you've got downline agents if you speak with your premier marketer there's opportunities for overrides above and beyond that min - all right definitely all right and it asks here will we all receive automatically an enrollment link once you get appointed yes so get appointed what's ask now's the time to do it

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dentemax reline material and think something got on my finger they look like the real einmal works crazy not the teeth but I mean you know they look pretty good for you know a first set of dentures dentemax there we go don't judge my dirty fingernails I'm a mom yeah so.


These here cost me bucks just for the dentures and the average for that is pretty much to  per plate or to a thousand dollars for the whole set so those dentures are going to use you know the quality of material that they use is going to be very basic like the most basic that they have like I these are just like I think that this is like a true bite type of tooth .

I think that that might be the brand of them and the shade is like b or something but like there's nothing fancy about them as you can see there's not a lot of attention to detail they're still nice I still got compliments for those and .

They were very affordable for me with with basic dentures you're going to have limited warranties they don't last as long they tend to look more artificial and maybe adapted from a standard size instead of a customized fit because they're not supposed to last like for me those were my temporary dentures .

I got those when I had my extractions and purpose for those is just to be a transitional denture while my gums were healing and you know because once you pull teeth your gums shrink your bone you know starts to kind of resorb or whatever and then after about a year nine months to.

A year you need to have that set replaced with something more long-term something made to last longer better quality and you're going to get a better fit when you go that route and I'll get that in a minute but anyway so you get what you paid for and those were very inexpensive the thing is a lot of you who need dentures right now

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but if you know what country you're moving to put that country in and then put the reason why you want to go but just to learn Spanish to live in a country which city has better  Dental Insurance Florida than women now interesting question now here you got all flavors you got Morales well you got darker it's a caramel to lighter-skinned Dominicans Santiago.

You're gonna have more of the lighter the caramel more soul than the darker Dominican so it's all about your preference everybody's preference is different so if you're into lighter skin short and curvy too tall and petite tall and curvy yeah it's your flavor  Dental Insurance Florida here whatever whatever you fantasize girls caramel girls Santiago that's definitely gonna be more of your flavor if you're into the darker are just different flavors you're gonna love it here in Santo Domingo so but there's good-looking women all over this country you're not a problem with that.

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You get on all shapes and sizes you know from short and petite too about is pretty much here so that's not gonna be an issue but for me personally if I had to pick this city or Santiago I would go to Santiago because that's more of what I like in Santiago there's nothing wrong the women  Dental Insurance Florida here know there's plenty women here that I've dated that I've gone to movies and dinners with but Santiago from me with the vibe don't come back I'm going back to Santiago and that brushes want some more Spanish that's gonna be infinite video guys unless you all have some other questions or wanna make some comments about anything.

I'm gonna shut this down o'clock and then I'm gonna go shoot the neighborhood the Komodos the rental-car plays the restaurants the watch house just a block just to show you where I am and if you're interested and  Dental Insurance Florida then I'm gonna give you run each number and then we get the number again tomorrow I just please shoot the video in the apartment its entirety from the bed everything else in between you're ready to get out of that that morning okay Christopher I appreciate it man you guys have a good day today I know it's early this morning but uh yeah I'm trying to get this day started and started packing up have a go I'm talking you guys like a non-profit serving low-income communities with dental care in California and Arizona.

Dr. J hello good to be with you Aaron thank you for being here so tell us about your group sage so sage is a nonprofit organization that as you said provides Dental Insurance Florida dental care free no cost to the patient at all in underprivileged underserved areas my area right now is southeastern California kind of on the border of Mexico but in that community of low low income and underserved population our veterans believe Dental Insurance Florida it or not veterans don't get any dental care from the VA unless they're a hundred percent disabled so we're changing that I'm providing dental care to the veterans as well .

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It will be covered so those basic services once again start at % and after here they go to and then the major  dental insurance florida services is essentially all the other kind of big stuff crowns if you're working the senior space dentures and implants are are going to be inquired upon I'm sure especially implants.

Out of all procedures implants is the is the fastest-growing procedure in terms of the utilization that we're seeing on the claim side more and more seniors are getting implants why because doctors dentists specifically are have come to realize that in the late years of an individual's health there are health benefits overall  Dental Insurance Florida health benefits with the insured or I should say with the patient in their view having as many of their natural teeth still remaining and so they are less likely to just kind of quickly pull all the teeth once they lose one or two and put in dentures if the insured can afford it and if it's an option financially.

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They much prefer to do an implant and/or a bridge and so that is really right you know making a cost go up and thus you know you will definitely be asked about it the Advantage  Dental Insurance Florida Plus plan is the only plan that we have that does cover implants less something good in notes otherwise the next time I'm going to show you is pretty similar and the once again % right away % after a year plus what's cool is we offer every day effective dates so someone could literally go get a crown done tomorrow know they need to get the crown done.

We would cover it once again as long as work snap and started it'd be covered orthos available for children so probably not a huge selling point on the Medicare side but flame for the ACA side  Dental Insurance Florida and that's same as major , our benefit on New York though the deductibles fifty dollars but not applicable to preventive and uranium maximums two thousand bucks this is our richer plant of the two and also our most popular % of our enrollments are that plan their excuse our other plan this is the Advantage plan this plans a little bit more affordable in the majority of the country this plan is going to be about twenty five twenty six dollars month.

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I wouldn't necessarily be looking to build out like a dental website I mean I could use dental insurance texas for braces as a door opener but ultimately who's selling our plans it's those that are cross selling and so the largest Sugar's of the health or the Medicare are usually selling our plan so Dan's a question I would - the best way to market them is on a cross-sell basis.

And just incorporating dental into all of your  dental insurance texas sales if you're at least asking about it every single time you can join that tamp of the to percent cross sell rate versus being in the camp of the with percent perfect and have this pop sure a couple different times now for clarification product availability for Illinois can you kind of cover that a little bit more because there is some product availability in Illinois and I think it might have gotten missed yep so in Connecticut Illinois in New York this is the planets available your advantage plus - correct perfect the one thing I absolutely love about your guys's plans is because they do offer the orthodontic services.

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I think that's fantastic as well as having that you know major coverage you know right off the start there you don't play in very many dental plans that have that you know without a six month waiting period  dental insurance texas or a year waiting period I think you're great absolutely I mean just another thought on the previous question with respect to the marketing I have been starting to get from our senior distributors I've been hearing a fair amount of success with using dental attitude or upon their you know my answer in my initial response was those are predominately selling us or selling them across sell.

That is a fact but I do think that you could have some success by using us as a donor so whatever your marketing method is whether it's whether it's internet leads whether its traditional mailers  dental insurance texas I would hope that we're all kind of moving towards more of a digital route but I realize all still have a certain degree of success think about using dental or using a non-core product as an avenue and so if you're buying health leads you're buying Medicare down leads online if whoever you're buying them from also offers dental I would just try out buy some dump the leads and obviously see if you can sell them a dental plan.

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you can just guide it and it usually does a better job of actually DenteMax  reaching it because it requires less effort I've got a you know my wife uses the bathroom so if you know if you're in with other people the chances of that just went up so guys take care .

let me know what you think in the comments and if you want more information about grooming about style go over to real men real style tons of great information got that free ebook for you take care see you to turn on your ultrasonic unit there is a button on the back it's a flip switch on most units.


I'm gonna turn it on here is the power and on this unit the power and water dial I'm using the slimline today so I can use it on low to medium speed so I'm going to just turn it a little bit in order to load your ultrasonic tip appropriately you need to first fill the ultra hot the ultrasonic handle so I'm pushing the .

my button on the floor to fill the ultra hot the ultrasonic hand unit up there you go and you get a nice little bubble on the top I like to turn on my high speed evacuator when I place the ultrasonic tip in the handle to catch the extra water like so so I'm not making an S and then you're going to settle the ultrasonic handle in but.

we'll just like tip in the handle all right what you're looking for to know that your ultrasonic is at the right amount of water is you're looking for a fine mist and a drip so I'm just going to engage the foot pedal over my high-speed and as you can see that's just one sharp stream of water so I'm going to adjust my dial and wait for a mist and a drip a little much.

I missed in the drip there's a nice mess and the drips that's what you'reabout it toothbrush is literally looking for I'm going to show that again the mist and the drip for basic ultrasonic instrumentation remember that the lateral sides of the ultrasonic are the most effective so here and here also remember that the most effective part of the instrument are the last three millimeters of the instrument itself.

I'm going to show you both curette and probe style how to move from one to another and be affected users he also fired get ready zone on the lateral side of money and move that I'm using strokes out here as I'm going difficult and I'm using multi-directional strokes and watch as I come towards the video I am turning that instrument into a curette no work.

I'm not using the best I'm not spending it like this I'm making sure I bring this down so it stays on the lateral side of the instrument now so in order to be effective instructor server you're tapping that piece of calculus from the crown area to the apex there's nothing to the top of it that makes sense you know sighs