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It's there for you to use for your health needs as you go forward overview of Medicare Part D so this can be fun and you know Part D is the Medicare drug plans and you've likely heard some stories about Dental Helps Medicare drug plans things like doughnut hole and catastrophic coverage and things of that nature

I can tell you it is complicated it is convoluted it is crazy it is unfortunate and that's how they have set it up so if you take significant amounts of prescription drugs you really need to understand how Medicare Part D functions and the best way

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I can tell you is with my video on Medicare Part D so you need to take a few minutes and watch the video on Medicare Part D because it's its whole animal and and I couldn't explain it within this one very quickly or very easily but absolutely something need to understand it's something you can manage so you certainly need to understand it.

It has different pieces like here you have it has initial coverage and then it has a coverage gap which is known as the doughnut hole you've probably heard of the doughnut hole and then if you survive through the doughnut hole it then goes in the catastrophic coverage so again take a few minutes.


I'll put the link to the video below this one as well so below this you'll have best Medicare supplement plan you'll have Medicare Part D and then there's the Part D penalty which you need to understand so when you come into Medicare if you don't purchase a drug plan right when you come in and then you need it down the road there's a penalty because you didn't buy it.

When you first came in I also have a video on that penalty and I don't always recommend you buy it if you don't need it #Facebook I don't think you should buy it even though there's a penalty because the premium that you'll save between now and when and if you ever need it far outweighs that penalty so but again something you need to understand so I want to show how it functions and then whatever decision you make is the right decision as long as we understand

It so take a look at the video on Medicare Part D and that will help you out in that situation overview of Medicare supplements so some people find this very complicated and I try to make it as easy as we can so we don't need to make this complicated there really are only a couple of choices even though they lay out a whole bunch of choices so you know what will it help you you're Part A or Part B deductible basically what Medicare doesn't cover is what the supplement is therefore