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Our charting and their literature that we use to identify these are more commonly referred to by number instead of having to say maxillary right third more this particular tooth is known as tooth number one and then we will start to number around the arch to Dental Insurance Maryland.


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Until we come to which is the total number of the teeth so let's get the basic orientation of how these number our maxillary right third molar as tooth number one and then we will just start right down the line maxillary left right and see our maxillary right second more would be number two can we go right on down the line.

Until we come to our maxillary right central incisor which would be eight and would continue right around till we come over to our maxillary left third more which is number sixteen so they're right in order right around sixteen of them on the Dental Insurance Maryland.

Then we drop directly below this to tooth number seventeen which is our mandibular left third molar this is number if you've got to remember two teeth in the mouth for this numbering system one is your maxillary right third.


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What were they able to do in this period one of the number one things dentists would have done was provided splints to support the jaw and in order to aid its healing but also they crafted incredible dentures and external supports to really recreate the structure of the California dental insurance that hard tissue structure.

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That the plastic surgeons could then graft over and if you look here at the images you can see that he's lost the majority of his jaw private Donald's injured chin was being repaired with a tubular skin graft growing from his neck so not only are the plastic surgeons rebuilding that area with skin grafts.

It was also suggested by the consulting dental surgeon they use a bone graft to sort of fill in that gap and what bone would be used from his body they would have used a graph from the tibia so the shin bone to recreate that part of the jaw which was very pioneering technique at the time unfortunately with this soldier.

It was decided it wasn't advisable he wasn't strong enough to undergo that treatment in the course of the war of the , British soldiers received facial injuries these wounds were often so severe that dentists had little idea what they were dealing with California dental Insurance.