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Thing we use email for is dental insurance maine will some of a con for me confirmation you milliseconds that you hit submit here this payment credit card or bank checking account check this box here and you get to the final page this is your review page right here this shows you everything that you've got a shopping cart in terms of the DENTAL plan that you've selected and the Vision Plan and it's as simple as.

That you don't need a wet signature you don't need anything in addition it's literally going to be the simplest and quickest enrollment tool that you'll find out there for insurance that's how you process all the applications so a beautiful thing about is is when you're in API get that's the busiest time of the year this is something that if you're going to be meeting with the clients face-to-face you can leave.


Them with a brochure and by the way if you want brochures premiers got stock both of them you can ask them for them if you want the brochure you just leave it with them and then you do the enrollment later you don't have to do it on the spot if you want to if you've got someone that's going to help you with your enrollment you can give it to them um if you just want to wait till the end of the Union and submit the enrollment then you can totally do something once you hit submit you're going to.

individual dental plans maine You as the agent of record and also your clients are both going to receive confirmation email so you know that the policies been issued we do an instant issue in the beautiful thing about it it's a direct feed into our admin system it's the whole reason why we went to Apps only because then we can really kind of cut down on all the back-end service issues because we've got direct feeds into you know not only the admin system but also the printer for the fulfillment you know as a carrier s not going to would.

I don't really get call things you know from you know from premier or the other clients that I work with that say hey this one specific client didn't get an ID card or the other client called up and they going to find them in the MN system or the provider they went to the provider and they never heard of that carrier that they sort of insurance before um you know Amer this is kind of a household name with providers we've got four hundred seventy thousand access points nationwide so they're either internet worker at the very least that are aware of emeritus and so


Dental insurance options and the choices that you have when you come into Medicare so stay  DENTAL INSURANCE MAINE  tuned my name is Keith iron brick founder of Medicare on video I hope you'll find the information in this video very helpful and presented in an easy-to-understand format turning Medicare eligible is actually a very good thing you'll likely find Medicare to be a much better alternative for.

Your affordable dental insurance in maine  health insurance needs than what you may have had previously but there are some choices so I've created a Medicare Resource Center where I have videos on everything Medicare so after this video make sure to take a look at our Resource Center you'll likely find everything that you need for Medicare now you can also get an immediate quote for.


Your Medicare supplement insurance just put in your basic information and you'll receive the rates and the plans that are available in your area now it also be a great idea to subscribe to my youtube channel that way you'll always have access to my videos and you'll get updates as they come along so again I hope you find this video very helpful and please let me know.

If I can help okay so let's talk about dental options and the first thing you find out or one of the first things that you find out when you come into Medicare is that Medicare doesn't cover dental vision or hearing only in extreme circumstances like maybe a car accident a medical emergency where maybe you broke your jaw is where dental might be covered under Medicare so most folks have had certainly dental coverage all along and they generally want to keep dental coverage going forward because.

You're more likely to need it going forward than maybe you were in the  cheap dental insurance maine  past so I'm going to show you the different types that you understand your choices and then I'll tell you exactly what I would do if I were choosing a dental option and just so we understand what the choices are there's kind of just kind of like coming into Medicare there's two roads.

You can go down one is a discount dental plan another is a dental PPO plan and they are quite different in how they function and they can work well in different scenarios so it depends on kind of your dental history as to what might be better for you so let's understand a day discount dental plan first a discount dental plan has a low premium so


it now where it's it the whole the whole that whole marketplace individual dental insurance plans in maine  really seems to be going from what I want to call like version point into two and three point now the the really interesting thing that I took away from was not just so much in the form too but also networking behind the scenes in talking with some of the technology partners about um the choice architecture programs.

Now that are being placed on some of these private exchanges are going to help the consumers dial in and find the best program for them very easily because I think there's a lot of consumers out there that want to kind of drive the choice but there's still a bunch of them that need to hit the easy button in and are going to need the help on.

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The marketplace platforms to dental plans in maine help them make that decision for them you know you talk about Renaissance dental what focus on other products do you have and and why is dental so important in your overall portfolio all right let me start with dental um that that's our that's our bread and butter and that's what I've been doing now for over years is basically dental um after.

Medical dental is the next choice in the benefit mix so you know it's it it's very high up on the ancillary food chain so to speak but there's so many more now that are coming and and that's kind of where we're expanding our reach our goal is to soon become everything ancillary so it's not just a dental one-trick pony program we recently added a fully insured vision product group product and then in the individual space.

We are now right now talking and just about to file a fully insured hearing product and I'm really liking that marketplace because that's new ground a lot of people really get into the discount programs when it comes to hearing but there really isn't anything full-blown insurance wise for that and you know our tea leaves are kind of telling us that could be the next big thing too and you know I I laugh about this people you or people use to actually laugh about when people would mention pet insurance but people are men are laughing anymore you know that's that's an ancillary product that people are looking for I'm still laughing about

Best Things About Dental Insurance Maine

Something that again this was Dental Insurance Maine  something that that I was always told  could never be done in office or done and evils off I actually worked out the  ability to do two lunches in a day oh wow and again this was something that I was told could not be done that you know  because I have a lot of offices are open a really long day and they might have choose swing shifts and do the hygienists and that opportunity has a  dinner break and I was always told it couldn't be done and it took me ten years.

Dental Insurance Maine But I figured out how I could get two lunches in a day so that is another way that we were able  to put in Huddle's I worked on the office yesterday at California to be able to put Huddle's in the morning now we listed it just as lunch because we can't change the title of that but now we actually put the huddle  time in the morning and so.

There's a couple ways of doing a lot of work rounds but I love the ability to put the blocks if that's the best and a bit based off of the amount of time we have we're not going to show you how to do  all of this but the one thing that I love when I first started with Eagle stuff so I'm an Eagle soft user that can convert it to den tricks or started with den tricks after that and then went back to Eagle soft.

So I've been on both sides  I Dental Insurance Maine love customizing the toolbar at the top to make it work best for so we have what we call as a front office tool bar because when we first get it in Egosoft it's like all these little codes and pictures and you don't know what they mean so we've set up you know a front  office tool bar like you have here that that's the things.

that we need to see when we need access to Dental Insurance Maine  fast we did make a copy of it and I'm sure Andre can help people with that so that sometimes people self will have glitches as we all know and it'll go back to the original  tool bar and so now whenever that happens we have we can just paste in the tool bar that we set up so is there any do you have any other thoughts about tool bar out there all right with you and I do this all the time.

When I'm training new users well I don't work with new users now but in the past when  I was working with new users I would change this because if you're coming from soft and you're coming for practice works or something like that you know sometimes the terminology is different so instead of account we make changes to ledger so works better