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The next question is when you said the longer you are with a dental insurance immediate coverage plan the more coverages you get can you please expand on that a little bit more yep yep so kind of just back to the same point what I mean by that is it's not that the plan will will perpetually continue to increase it's not like this becomes which becomes on a percent.

All I'm saying there is initially the plan pays less you know basics only and majors only but after a year as you hold a policy after a year specifically that coverage will increase so that's what I meant by that statement okay next question do you have a practice site for playing with applications yes so first things first if if you want to if you want to just get a sense of what that enrollment process look like I kind of show it to here today but if you want to kind of stay put in your own zip code and play around with.

It um you can you can go to Dental Insurance No Waiting Period  premieres page it starred at slash premier or you can use the old domain those works as well which is security life comm slash premier and all the marketers have that link and they'll likely be including that in the email but if you but that is a live site so it's not like a sandbox enrollment tool.

If some people called and so if you really Dental Insurance No Waiting Period want that um the way that you can do it is if you go back to our individual plans here you can hit this edit button and then ask how are you working with an agent and the sandbox tool is at least maybe if you can kind of #linkedin reference that and let the guys know that's you know sure well that would be aware you can truly take it all the way through it and won't actually issue a policy but for the most part folks just kind of want to get a sense of how it works you know they want to see.

What the prices are in their specific zip code they kind of want it you know you don't need to actually do the full check out in that instance you can just use the flash premier site perfect next question what are your commission rates yep so the street Commission is twenty five and two meaning twenty five percent first year two percent renewal.

That Dental Insurance No Waiting Period  renewal increases in conjunction with rate increases if there are any and that renewal continues for life and then if you are a general agency MGA MGA if you've got downline agents if you speak with your premier marketer there's opportunities for overrides above and beyond that min - all right definitely all right and it asks here will we all receive automatically an enrollment link once you get appointed yes so get appointed what's ask now's the time to do it

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I checked which was a couple Dental Help months ago we're even the only carrier an ortho and I guess if I keep saying it long enough allowed enough someone will eventually try to copy but nonetheless last night Chuck we're going carry that off his Oracle day one after a year so that's a huge benefit especially for those of you in the hundred fifty-five side I'd be selling that all day long.

Dental Help you know braces are only going up and up on coverage in terms of the cost so in fact you can give them some benefit runaways it's a pretty big deal this plan is an annual maximum , so this is our quote-unquote rich plan so to get a little bit more granular or to give you some details that you're not going to typically hear this is our top-selling plan about seventy seventy-five percent of our enrollments are the.

Advantage Plus plan we made a plan Dental Help design change back in I believe it was a tune of and historically the split was pretty even only / between our two plans ever since we made that change it has gone dramatically leaning towards the advanced plus two and so if you're a person that already sells our plans and you have feedback on.

the why I've gathered my fair amount of feedback on the why but I'm not potentially curious so feel free to shoot us that info here's our other plan the advantage of and to this plan is really it's pretty unique this plan was kind of my baby this is something that I thought up of really for thee for the agents that are doing high-volume business for the agents that want to keep a simple

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It's there for you to use for your health needs as you go forward overview of Medicare Part D so this can be fun and you know Part D is the Medicare drug plans and you've likely heard some stories about Dental Helps Medicare drug plans things like doughnut hole and catastrophic coverage and things of that nature

I can tell you it is complicated it is convoluted it is crazy it is unfortunate and that's how they have set it up so if you take significant amounts of prescription drugs you really need to understand how Medicare Part D functions and the best way

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I can tell you is with my video on Medicare Part D so you need to take a few minutes and watch the video on Medicare Part D because it's its whole animal and and I couldn't explain it within this one very quickly or very easily but absolutely something need to understand it's something you can manage so you certainly need to understand it.

It has different pieces like here you have it has initial coverage and then it has a coverage gap which is known as the doughnut hole you've probably heard of the doughnut hole and then if you survive through the doughnut hole it then goes in the catastrophic coverage so again take a few minutes.


I'll put the link to the video below this one as well so below this you'll have best Medicare supplement plan you'll have Medicare Part D and then there's the Part D penalty which you need to understand so when you come into Medicare if you don't purchase a drug plan right when you come in and then you need it down the road there's a penalty because you didn't buy it.

When you first came in I also have a video on that penalty and I don't always recommend you buy it if you don't need it #Facebook I don't think you should buy it even though there's a penalty because the premium that you'll save between now and when and if you ever need it far outweighs that penalty so but again something you need to understand so I want to show how it functions and then whatever decision you make is the right decision as long as we understand

It so take a look at the video on Medicare Part D and that will help you out in that situation overview of Medicare supplements so some people find this very complicated and I try to make it as easy as we can so we don't need to make this complicated there really are only a couple of choices even though they lay out a whole bunch of choices so you know what will it help you you're Part A or Part B deductible basically what Medicare doesn't cover is what the supplement is therefore

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dental help tooth whitening if you refer somebody I'll give you a gift card if you refer somebody and even the state we can't give in North Carolina the staff a monetary gift for Referrals now I could give the staff at dental help the end of the year a bonus just for your support of the practice and I might take in consideration unless they've supported the practice but as far as the direct gift that's illegal under North Carolina law also unclaimed property offices in every state if .

dental help

I come into your practice Howard and I overpay my bill bucks you've got a hundred bucks of my money they're in in Arizona I come back to North Carolina I disappear you can't find me can you keep that hundred dollars yes you can hold it for what's called a holding period of time that's usually between one and three years depending on your state and then you've got to turn that hundred dollars over to the unclaimed property office now.

I want to caution also those listeners right now is that it's amazing but almost every lecture I give out of the audience is a doctor who goes to the unclaimed property office and finds that they have money the practice has money that is unclaimed there some insurance company or whatever of maybe send a check it bounced or maybe .

The office never cashed a check along the way some way and there's money for the practice at the unclaimed property office and while you're doing it our check and see that aunt Matilda that died or whatever the executor of the estate might not have known he had money in in the bank somewhere that some obscure account so you never know so .

I did want to talk about the unclaimed property office our admin book also has in it of course everything we've discussed here plus information about negotiating with PPOs plus information about the in-house discount plan where you set up it's not going to insurance but it's a in the house discount plan for people.

with no insurance it can't be marketed as insurance and so of the patient can join our savings plan if you will and that usually is a fixed amount of money such as  or so for the first year of preventive services .

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Dental help It tells you what the new National Health Service is and how you can use what it offers study the leaflet then keep it bio you will need it for reference from the th of July all aspects Dental help of medical care would be provided free of charge when.

Dental help

The first wave of patients arrived dentist set to work rectifying years of neglect the work to do when they and it just came into be mainly extractions to begin with and dentures and then you know the fact that you could save teeth pretty painlessly supposedly seeps through the population they came in just nine months FHS dental

Technicians made over million replacement teeth and dentists filled over million cavities they were long queues outside some dental surgeries and overworked dentists would see hundreds of patients and day in the first few years the NHS dental budget was more than double what had been planned so in the early s charges for.

Dental treatment had to be introduced the arrival of the NHS was probably the most important change in British dentistry after all for the first time ordinary people could afford to go to the dentist but the democratization of dental care did not lead to significant changes in our attitudes most people would still only go to the dentist if forced to.

By pain NHS dentist would work wonders fixing Britain's rotten mouths that was only half the battle the war for Britain's teeth would be won and not in the dentist's chair but in the bathroom of the thousands of new innovations and dental products that found their way into British homes there was one that really wouldn't transform the state of our teeth I've heard a great deal about a chemical that can be used on the teeth to .

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Really looked down upon Dental Help by most physicians and surgeons and effectively what he did was to make dentistry a respectable profession as well as setting dentistry on the road to becoming.

This modern science hunters book also popularized a rather controversial dental procedure the transplanting of human teeth in the satirical cartoon a dentist is pulling the teeth from a chimney sweep ready to be implanted into the waiting mouths of an aristocratic lady lurking in the background is a good.

Test character inspecting his new set of lashes which had been pulled from two poor children few of these transplanted teeth took permanent route and there was a real risk of contracting diseases like syphilis but that didn't deter the vein rich John Hunter had fueled a craze which meant the teeth of the poor became a prized asset to be bought and sold but within.

A few years it was the teeth of the dead that would grab the public's imagination in the early th century human teeth became an increasingly valuable commodity in fact they were so in demand that grave robbers could earn the equivalent of ten thousand pounds a night stealing the teeth from corpses these grisly trophies of the dead .

Were used to make lifelike dentures for the rich but in these grave robbers almost went out of business in June that year , men was slaughtered at the Battle of Waterloo as night fell ghoulish scavengers arrived on the battlefield and began to pull the teeth from the dead and dying and their teeth they flooded the British market as .

A consequence even the truthless middle classes could afford to buy their own regret the era of fashionable false teeth had arrived one of the largest collections of false teeth in the world is managed by the British Dental Association false teeth have a long history the ancient Etruscans who lived in what's now Tuscany we're making serviceable gold dentures.

From around BC curator Rachel Barstow has catalogued hundreds of sets of false teeth including those made from the dead soldiers of

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It will be covered so those basic services once again start at % and after here they go to and then the major  dental insurance florida services is essentially all the other kind of big stuff crowns if you're working the senior space dentures and implants are are going to be inquired upon I'm sure especially implants.

Out of all procedures implants is the is the fastest-growing procedure in terms of the utilization that we're seeing on the claim side more and more seniors are getting implants why because doctors dentists specifically are have come to realize that in the late years of an individual's health there are health benefits overall  Dental Insurance Florida health benefits with the insured or I should say with the patient in their view having as many of their natural teeth still remaining and so they are less likely to just kind of quickly pull all the teeth once they lose one or two and put in dentures if the insured can afford it and if it's an option financially.

Dental insurance florida

They much prefer to do an implant and/or a bridge and so that is really right you know making a cost go up and thus you know you will definitely be asked about it the Advantage  Dental Insurance Florida Plus plan is the only plan that we have that does cover implants less something good in notes otherwise the next time I'm going to show you is pretty similar and the once again % right away % after a year plus what's cool is we offer every day effective dates so someone could literally go get a crown done tomorrow know they need to get the crown done.

We would cover it once again as long as work snap and started it'd be covered orthos available for children so probably not a huge selling point on the Medicare side but flame for the ACA side  Dental Insurance Florida and that's same as major , our benefit on New York though the deductibles fifty dollars but not applicable to preventive and uranium maximums two thousand bucks this is our richer plant of the two and also our most popular % of our enrollments are that plan their excuse our other plan this is the Advantage plan this plans a little bit more affordable in the majority of the country this plan is going to be about twenty five twenty six dollars month.

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I wouldn't necessarily be looking to build out like a dental website I mean I could use dental insurance texas for braces as a door opener but ultimately who's selling our plans it's those that are cross selling and so the largest Sugar's of the health or the Medicare are usually selling our plan so Dan's a question I would - the best way to market them is on a cross-sell basis.

And just incorporating dental into all of your  dental insurance texas sales if you're at least asking about it every single time you can join that tamp of the to percent cross sell rate versus being in the camp of the with percent perfect and have this pop sure a couple different times now for clarification product availability for Illinois can you kind of cover that a little bit more because there is some product availability in Illinois and I think it might have gotten missed yep so in Connecticut Illinois in New York this is the planets available your advantage plus - correct perfect the one thing I absolutely love about your guys's plans is because they do offer the orthodontic services.

Dental insurance texas

I think that's fantastic as well as having that you know major coverage you know right off the start there you don't play in very many dental plans that have that you know without a six month waiting period  dental insurance texas or a year waiting period I think you're great absolutely I mean just another thought on the previous question with respect to the marketing I have been starting to get from our senior distributors I've been hearing a fair amount of success with using dental attitude or upon their you know my answer in my initial response was those are predominately selling us or selling them across sell.

That is a fact but I do think that you could have some success by using us as a donor so whatever your marketing method is whether it's whether it's internet leads whether its traditional mailers  dental insurance texas I would hope that we're all kind of moving towards more of a digital route but I realize all still have a certain degree of success think about using dental or using a non-core product as an avenue and so if you're buying health leads you're buying Medicare down leads online if whoever you're buying them from also offers dental I would just try out buy some dump the leads and obviously see if you can sell them a dental plan.

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Dental help important that we keep the teeth nice and dry during this part so the next thing I'm going to do is apply a sealant and this is the first part of the cement that holds the bracket onto the tooth Dental help you can tell it kind of brings the shine back to the teeth where the the acid etch made them look chalky so we apply this all the teeth all the way around you okay Cody he gave me a thumbs up okay now we're ready to put the braces on the first ones we're going to put on are the front top braces we're going to put those on and show you how those go on then I'll put the rest of the braces on after that and then we'll cut away to the final the final deal for you so the first bracket.

here goes on the cuspid tooth and you can see the star shape that it has this the stars are really interesting to put on they're really actually kind of easier than regular braces because they have such a shape that it really makes it easy to place them on the tooth now I'll use a little mirror too just to make sure that I have it lined up correctly in the middle of the bracket there's a little wine that we can adjust it so that the bracket is oriented towards the the length the whole length the long axis of the tooth and then I have a measuring device here that shows me exactly how far from the edge of the tooth it should be which is five millimeters and I'm going to adjust that just a little bit and now that tooth is in the right spot the bracket and this is the lateral incisor and that has the same vertical line in it now I'm using this Explorer to take away a little extras of cement because our goal is to keep the cement all the way underneath the bracket one thing really great about these wild smiles brackets is that they're a little bit bigger than a regular bracket and I think it helps when you're brushing your teeth that it keeps the plaque from being on the tooth and it's just