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That disability Dental care poses a substantial barrier to gainful employment somewhat similar to the individual unemployability but GSA for instance you have a veteran that is service-connected for anxiety .

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They're not able to work around people they've only been trained in an area of a skill level to be around people but they can no longer do that because their disability we would then submit an application to the voc rehab folks .

Who are down in Sarasota they bring you in they do an evaluation in an assessment to see exactly if you fit the models and what you would actually be good at if you were going to go through this program that we retrain they would then make a determination yes or no if it's granted this program is similar to most education benefits

Within the VA but the one thing I like about the voc rehab you have a counselor that does just about everything with someone that sits down with you look you in the face it says well the test says you'd be good in these areas which of those areas do you want to go for I had a young lady she is a hundred cent for post-traumatic stress anxiety depression and she .

Was wanting to become a doctor well she didn't do too good in college she needed tutors and you can't go through Medical School with a tutor at least a doctor I want to be seen by anyone you know so just being honest with that veteran saying well the option you're choosing to become a doctor I'm not saying you cannot do those things but it may not be.

The best thing for you right now okay that's the thing I like about the voc rehab counselors they're pretty much your conscience to say yes based on what we know about you you be successful in these areas based on the economy these and the other things that you may be successful you know not everybody's going to be able to choose a job right off the bat of what it's going to be successful they're enrolled rehab is just have to retrain you and anything you want to do they want to retrain you in something.