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I looked at my face closely did my  Cheap Dental Insurance eyebrows I have the unibrow if I don't do any tweezing remember back in the day when people had one at no eyebrow well I didn't tweeze away most of my eyebrow I just don't have a lot unless it's in their middle where it doesn't need to be so oh really seriously but that's my unibrow yeah not what look I'm going for it's not your thing.

good cheap dental insurance you do I come in here so back in the day when everybody one of them paper-thin I wasn't really in style know that everybody wants a really thick still not and stuff but I don't wear a lot of makeup that's why you can see the pictures I'm really red from allergies makeup makes me break out even more so no I don't use a lot of soaps and tonics and.


All that extra stuff because if you're Cheap Dental Insurance   using all those soaps to get rid of all the stuff in your moisture and then you gotta use all the lotions and potions I do you Zoila for old bags okay over the money yes the moisturizing sensitive skin all right I washed the warm water I put it down enough and that's it pretty thin pretty good and that's it wrinkles but that comes with age.

is affordable dental insurance But it's not really that bad I don't know I I broke out more when I used soap I break out Cheap Dental Insurance   when I use makeup I have allergy I so mascara doesn't work I have allergy to latex so fake eyelashes and waxing doesn't work I just find them healthier and cleaner if I just use warm water wash my face let it dry and use a little bit of water lily in the winter time.

Summertime in or even sometimes I do like tanning or something but I'm not gonna gold lady I don't do I don't do a lot of teeth whitening and if you got to second you want to make you for self feel better by doing all those things then do it healthy do it the right way I do color in my hair it needs to be done so that's part of my just coming up but I had needles so I kind of gotta wait till some of that heals up a little first before I do it look good before the next set of needles but I need to make sure that it looks all right I don't have a lot of great but in some time my hair lightens and then as you get older

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you can always find it at a HCP sales comm under the training tab Cheap Dental Insurance so you'll find that in there and as I said don't forget there are those PDF handout that you can download I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna see if I can top this top this little pullback up again I'm hoping that it does connect us and see if everybody has opportunity to possibly go ahead and answer it again the other thing.

I was gonna mention Tammy was if um if if folks liked this idea of best economic value and they want to start speaking  best and cheap dental insurance  aback to their clients we just recently created a piece that talks about it when I say briefly I don't think it's probably completely finalized with legal yet but if anyone wants a piece that kind of encompasses that concept I can I can get those pieces over anybody that requests.

Them in addition the Cheap Dental Insurance brochures that you've already provided fantastic oh good I appreciate it I don't think it's gonna let me open the pull back up gosh dang it I tried I will I'm sorry I've got it I'm not multitasking very well here I asked me to thank you the presenter here you go okay perfect all right let's see if we can open this whole back up.


I'm not sure if it allow us or not I think it's just showing us the poll results so unfortunately if anyone I'd love to hear from those that are in that percent camp percent of you are crossing it almost every single time is in any just kind of commentary you'd be willing to provide for the sake of the greater good on kind of what's working what's not working here so or for those of you that are on the other side zero to.

 If there's been an impediment I'm kind of why you haven't offered it previously we'd like to kind of hear that feedback as  good cheap dental insurance well once again we're just trying to kind of gather as much as much as possible to help you albeit we're in probably in a delivery format that's not the greatest way of doing so most definitely and we have you know a great training team with dan dan cola who really.

You know weekly will give little ideas and tips Cheap Dental Insurance  and one of the things that he has covered in the past and we'll revisit here soon is kind of upselling and cross-selling and how to do that you know how to present it so definitely you know we always always try and promote that as much as possible with agents we realize that right now with.

The major medical market the way that it is that really for agents to be able to really you know make their earnings at this point in time and make it worthwhile to do those sales with their major medicals they need to be able to upsell and cross-sell and dental and vision is always one of those that we recommend for people to you know throw in the mix of things.

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I had  cheap dental insurance to pay a copay so I paid my copay both days then they sent it in to the insurance company and I had a deductible so for each day of the test i had to pay two hundred dollars towards cheap dental insurance my deductible in addition to that because it was a hospital type of test it was a hospital breathing test I had to pay a percentage of what the services were so .

Cheap Dental Insurance

I on cheap dental insurance top of that I still had to pay bucks or something like that basically that by the time you added up all that out of pocket expense that one test cost me like six or seven hundred bucks it sucked um but.

I needed the test done and it's actually helped me breathe better but I was not expecting that kind of a bill it was really rough so a copay or coinsurance is a percentage .

The price of what that whatever the test cost and the college aren't the percentage is set in the information pamphlet that you as a patient get when you get the insurance ok so in EO be and you'll be is not a bill it says on it everywhere it is not a bill this is not a bill this is not a bill this is not a bill however patients always think that an EOB is a bill and usually.

T.hey will get an EOB in the mail and they will call you and they will freak out and ask why you're your billing them and the queue the first thing you need to figure out is if it's actually a bill or not so if you have your text book handy if you flip to page it gives you a picture of what an EOB looks like and you can see right.