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The next question is when you said the longer you are with a dental insurance immediate coverage plan the more coverages you get can you please expand on that a little bit more yep yep so kind of just back to the same point what I mean by that is it's not that the plan will will perpetually continue to increase it's not like this becomes which becomes on a percent.

All I'm saying there is initially the plan pays less you know basics only and majors only but after a year as you hold a policy after a year specifically that coverage will increase so that's what I meant by that statement okay next question do you have a practice site for playing with applications yes so first things first if if you want to if you want to just get a sense of what that enrollment process look like I kind of show it to here today but if you want to kind of stay put in your own zip code and play around with.

It um you can you can go to Dental Insurance No Waiting Period  premieres page it starred at slash premier or you can use the old domain those works as well which is security life comm slash premier and all the marketers have that link and they'll likely be including that in the email but if you but that is a live site so it's not like a sandbox enrollment tool.

If some people called and so if you really Dental Insurance No Waiting Period want that um the way that you can do it is if you go back to our individual plans here you can hit this edit button and then ask how are you working with an agent and the sandbox tool is at least maybe if you can kind of #linkedin reference that and let the guys know that's you know sure well that would be aware you can truly take it all the way through it and won't actually issue a policy but for the most part folks just kind of want to get a sense of how it works you know they want to see.

What the prices are in their specific zip code they kind of want it you know you don't need to actually do the full check out in that instance you can just use the flash premier site perfect next question what are your commission rates yep so the street Commission is twenty five and two meaning twenty five percent first year two percent renewal.

That Dental Insurance No Waiting Period  renewal increases in conjunction with rate increases if there are any and that renewal continues for life and then if you are a general agency MGA MGA if you've got downline agents if you speak with your premier marketer there's opportunities for overrides above and beyond that min - all right definitely all right and it asks here will we all receive automatically an enrollment link once you get appointed yes so get appointed what's ask now's the time to do it

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if you're outside of Ameritas Dental  insurance are waiting periods if a  patient has a six month waiting period  or a twelve month waiting period and we render any kind of services those  services will not be covered so you definitely want to find that out before  the patient even comes in a lot of times it'll be on basic or major services or  ortho the next thing you'll want to find out is if they have used any of their benefits for the year in this case.

This  patient has used some benefits so you'll want to put that in the history once you put that information in you'll want to  find out if ortho is a covered benefit ortho is another tricky one sometimes there will be age limit sometimes there will be waiting periods so you  definitely want to get as much that information as possible before the patient comes in and especially before.

you treatment plan any and is  Ameritas Dental aligned so in this case ortho is  covered it's covered up to so you'll want to initial whenever you call an end date and then find out what the method of verification is most of the time it'll be online or the phone  sometimes they'll send you a fax you'll want to get the reps name and a reference number or confirmation number.

if you were to call in if you weren't sure of the fee schedule which Delta dentals is easy at Delta Dental PPO the  timely filing limit is very important if we were to submit a claim after that timely filing limit insurance will not cover it and another thing you want to search for is a missing tooth clause.

that is extremely important because a  patient had a tooth extracted prior to their insurance coverage and they do have a missing tooth clause insurance will not cover anything that has done on that too so you'll want to double check on that as well next  Ameritas Dental 

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Representative going forward so we even look at  Ameritas Dental Insurance everything that gets submitted and we also play a part in resolving any issues coming down the pike okay if the records for the veteran are not visible already we as your counselors.

who would send an email to the VA and hand that veterans paper file Ameritas Dental  digitized into the DBMS system okay that's the veterans benefit management system the VA one paperless a couple years ago and this is a database that they use you know I'll get scanned in by a private party and then we log on put your social or your claim number in and.

it pops up with all your documents through your service records Ameritas Dental   and anything else that you may have submitted over the years once the records are visible in the DBS database the counselor sends in a request for the appropriate exams or gathers private medical evidence that is equal in weight to the VA exam so.

let's just say we have a veteran who wants to put in a claim for increased to the back condition they have not seen the VA related to any of that they have been seeing outside doctors for it all we instruct the veteran on how to approach that doctor get

ameritas dental

I've got it live I need money to live and ameritas dental braces are from what I found out anywhere between like three and seven thousand dollars so that's a lot of money and it's a lot of money that ameritas dental I didn't have so I didn't do anything with my situation because I couldn't afford to now I'm sure you can kind of see you can feel you can understand

where I'm coming from with all of this it was very devastating and so every day that I woke up I had to live my life I had to go to work I had to talk to people I had to meet people I had to go to the grocery store I mean just everything that a normal person doesn't their day I was doing missing a tooth just feeling so embarrassed and so ashamed and it was just not a good time for me now the reason that it was so in long gated like I said I was missing the tooth for two years was for a couple of

different reasons now that's not normal most people can kind of figure out how to get braces or get a dental implant but again with all of my financial issues at the time that wasn't an option for me so anyways um like I said I was missing a tooth for about a year and then things started looking up I was no longer single and I was no

longer the only sole financial provider for myself and my dog and everything because I was back with my boyfriend who is currently in my husband and um yeah so we went to look for doctors together that could fix my smile and I found an amazing amazing dentist who was here in San Diego I will link his information down below anybody's in the area in the San Diego area and you're looking for just an amazing dentist he does everything whether it's just like general dentistry but he also does

like implants and braces and veneers all that stuff so he's amazing anyways I found him and he said okay he gave me like a full dental exam instead we can do one of two things you do have a viable tooth there my recommendation my my absolute recommendation is .

The Plan About Dental (ameritas dental)

ameritas dental if they need a complex plan there's a way that you can do this tell them something along the lines that they've had some expensive dentistry over the years and even though it's been done ameritas dental well unfortunately nothing lasts forever  .

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That dentistry is starting to fail and several teeth and in detention or it's been a long time since you've been the dentist and because of that things have deteriorated since you were last in and there are now several teeth.

That need work and then you can say things along the lines this will mean that to strengthen and protect your teeth and stop them breaking again and again until they reach a point where we can't fix them I'm recommending crowns to cover and protect the teeth this means that we stronger that we easier to look after and they're not

Going to keep breaking you can chew confidently knowing you're not going to end up with more teeth falling apart now I need time later today when it's quiet for me to study all the photographs and the x-rays that we've taken and all the notes that we've made during this appointment that way without any interruptions and disturbances.

I can give this my full attention and draw up the treatment plan that's going to best work for you then you can either book them in for something small and simple to start or something that's urgent now if you've got the area of decay I am concerned about this tooth on the top left I'd like to get back to straight away so we can