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dental help tooth whitening if you refer somebody I'll give you a gift card if you refer somebody and even the state we can't give in North Carolina the staff a monetary gift for Referrals now I could give the staff at dental help the end of the year a bonus just for your support of the practice and I might take in consideration unless they've supported the practice but as far as the direct gift that's illegal under North Carolina law also unclaimed property offices in every state if .

dental help

I come into your practice Howard and I overpay my bill bucks you've got a hundred bucks of my money they're in in Arizona I come back to North Carolina I disappear you can't find me can you keep that hundred dollars yes you can hold it for what's called a holding period of time that's usually between one and three years depending on your state and then you've got to turn that hundred dollars over to the unclaimed property office now.

I want to caution also those listeners right now is that it's amazing but almost every lecture I give out of the audience is a doctor who goes to the unclaimed property office and finds that they have money the practice has money that is unclaimed there some insurance company or whatever of maybe send a check it bounced or maybe .

The office never cashed a check along the way some way and there's money for the practice at the unclaimed property office and while you're doing it our check and see that aunt Matilda that died or whatever the executor of the estate might not have known he had money in in the bank somewhere that some obscure account so you never know so .

I did want to talk about the unclaimed property office our admin book also has in it of course everything we've discussed here plus information about negotiating with PPOs plus information about the in-house discount plan where you set up it's not going to insurance but it's a in the house discount plan for people.

with no insurance it can't be marketed as insurance and so of the patient can join our savings plan if you will and that usually is a fixed amount of money such as  or so for the first year of preventive services .

dental help