Dental insurance ga no waiting period who is predominantly doing ACA business per se now if you do some Dental insurance ga no waiting period ACA business if that's a part of your business you want to sell.

This on the under side Dental insurance ga no waiting period totally cool no issues but our focus really is this product is is kind of created for the seniors but it is available for all ages okay and a couple people want to know if the slides are available to them yeah sure I can I can shoot them over to.

You if you can help me distribute them yep perfect perfect I don't do we record this yes we did okay cool yeah so we should be just fine on that as well so it looks like they want to know if it's available in Washington um funny they asked current answer's no it's one three six we don't have available but I'll break it here.

We actually just received Dental insurance ga no waiting period approval in Washington and in Maryland we received approval um and so I don't have a firm data when it will be launched I'm I'm expecting that with that that date will be sometime in early September but that has been Washington has been something.

That we've been working on for years it's the only plant is available up there right now is Delta Dental of Washington and so we will be the second carrier Washington is I'll just you know diplomatic lease a very particular on what they feel is the best way to structure dental plans for their insurance and so.

The plans are going to be different in Washington so they will unfortunately another state specific that we'll have to have that will be a little different from our base plans but I didn't the fact that we're bringing the good the good agents up there in Washington all planned on.

That's you know competitive competitive is going to be pretty exciting for them because there's not a lot of choice up there right now so yeah so early September is my hope and one will have that out but as we get closer and that dates are formalized you'll hear much more communication.

dental insurance ga no waiting period