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Really looked down upon Dental Help by most physicians and surgeons and effectively what he did was to make dentistry a respectable profession as well as setting dentistry on the road to becoming.

This modern science hunters book also popularized a rather controversial dental procedure the transplanting of human teeth in the satirical cartoon a dentist is pulling the teeth from a chimney sweep ready to be implanted into the waiting mouths of an aristocratic lady lurking in the background is a good.

Test character inspecting his new set of lashes which had been pulled from two poor children few of these transplanted teeth took permanent route and there was a real risk of contracting diseases like syphilis but that didn't deter the vein rich John Hunter had fueled a craze which meant the teeth of the poor became a prized asset to be bought and sold but within.

A few years it was the teeth of the dead that would grab the public's imagination in the early th century human teeth became an increasingly valuable commodity in fact they were so in demand that grave robbers could earn the equivalent of ten thousand pounds a night stealing the teeth from corpses these grisly trophies of the dead .

Were used to make lifelike dentures for the rich but in these grave robbers almost went out of business in June that year , men was slaughtered at the Battle of Waterloo as night fell ghoulish scavengers arrived on the battlefield and began to pull the teeth from the dead and dying and their teeth they flooded the British market as .

A consequence even the truthless middle classes could afford to buy their own regret the era of fashionable false teeth had arrived one of the largest collections of false teeth in the world is managed by the British Dental Association false teeth have a long history the ancient Etruscans who lived in what's now Tuscany we're making serviceable gold dentures.

From around BC curator Rachel Barstow has catalogued hundreds of sets of false teeth including those made from the dead soldiers of

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