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Representative going forward so we even look at  Ameritas Dental Insurance everything that gets submitted and we also play a part in resolving any issues coming down the pike okay if the records for the veteran are not visible already we as your counselors.

who would send an email to the VA and hand that veterans paper file Ameritas Dental  digitized into the DBMS system okay that's the veterans benefit management system the VA one paperless a couple years ago and this is a database that they use you know I'll get scanned in by a private party and then we log on put your social or your claim number in and.

it pops up with all your documents through your service records Ameritas Dental   and anything else that you may have submitted over the years once the records are visible in the DBS database the counselor sends in a request for the appropriate exams or gathers private medical evidence that is equal in weight to the VA exam so.

let's just say we have a veteran who wants to put in a claim for increased to the back condition they have not seen the VA related to any of that they have been seeing outside doctors for it all we instruct the veteran on how to approach that doctor get

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