how to use dentemax insurance

dentemax reline material and think something got on my finger they look like the real einmal works crazy not the teeth but I mean you know they look pretty good for you know a first set of dentures dentemax there we go don't judge my dirty fingernails I'm a mom yeah so.


These here cost me bucks just for the dentures and the average for that is pretty much to  per plate or to a thousand dollars for the whole set so those dentures are going to use you know the quality of material that they use is going to be very basic like the most basic that they have like I these are just like I think that this is like a true bite type of tooth .

I think that that might be the brand of them and the shade is like b or something but like there's nothing fancy about them as you can see there's not a lot of attention to detail they're still nice I still got compliments for those and .

They were very affordable for me with with basic dentures you're going to have limited warranties they don't last as long they tend to look more artificial and maybe adapted from a standard size instead of a customized fit because they're not supposed to last like for me those were my temporary dentures .

I got those when I had my extractions and purpose for those is just to be a transitional denture while my gums were healing and you know because once you pull teeth your gums shrink your bone you know starts to kind of resorb or whatever and then after about a year nine months to.

A year you need to have that set replaced with something more long-term something made to last longer better quality and you're going to get a better fit when you go that route and I'll get that in a minute but anyway so you get what you paid for and those were very inexpensive the thing is a lot of you who need dentures right now