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renaissance dental post-traumatic stress so any issue that would have made you do those things but if extra let's say was diagnosed renaissance dental with post-traumatic stress anxiety depression anger outbursts whatever it is and that's.

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The reason it shows renaissance dentalin their HR file more than likely we could show that veteran has a huge hurdle for securing gainful employment okay this is really not the place you want to be primarily because one annually they get to ask you have you been working but there's normally some type of room for.

Improvement depending on what that hurdle is if a person can have let's say counseling for the post-traumatic stress and now they can have gainful employment they're no longer going to be a hundred percent which is fine we want to make it closer to % on the healthy sign but I'll read the definition.

I use a form of % disability based renaissance dental on the fact that your service-connected disabilities pose a substantial barrier to gainful employment which is considered anything over the poverty level which is right now about , so let's just say adventuresome disabled that they can secure gainful.

Employment yeah they have a part-time job here there but it's worked out of their home working in an evening they don't have a lot of contact with folks and you're not making a lot of money.

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