Dental insurance no waiting will get a patient advocate one that is capable of speaking their language their native tongue Dental insurance no waiting for lack of a better term and will help them consolidate bills into one bill.

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That fits their budget Dental insurance no waiting and you can use this service over and over again and what they essentially do is take all of your medical bills hook them into one bill and then you make a payment once a month until the entire bill is satisfied you can still use your services over and over again and.

They continuously go back and combine that all those payments into one what you would pay would be different from what Ed would pay or what I would pay it depends on the funds coming into your household so if I'm gonna understand this correct.

That you will have an Dental insurance no waiting advocate I mean somebody by name that will be working with you and that will actually communicate with you on some of these things that's true that advocate will stay with you for through one or two events as long as you're in the program and as long as that advocate is an employee with.

The Karis crew and they're gonna again have you get all of your bills with that particular medical event and then they will be the point of contact with the doctor the anesthesiologist and the hospital to get you one bill a case in point a lot of folks never look at their medical bill and.

You if you take a close look you'll find where you might have an aspirin that cost seven dollars and ninety-five cents yes not something that you know you make up and specifically talking about my wife's open-heart surgery one aspirin.

You will see that throughout the bill the Karis group is going to help Italy being fed and and the hospital still makes money and you're not going into the poorhouse that makes that sounds great I don't think there's any medical insurance that actually does.

dental insurance no waiting