Dental Helps Provides A Best Dental Insurance Plan

if you can afford cable you can afford dental insurance because they have dental policies out there for fifteen dollars a month they  Dental Insurance Plans do so let's get right into it and as you see i'm making this video beer face no makeup not even my eyebrows

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We go here's the chart oh this is not the way back this is a half a piece of paper from the back I try to recycle you know so listen let's get right into the dental plan which good over ok so these this is I'm going to explain dental insurance to you remember these two words this is I did this in my last video but the last video was really long so.

I want to get all the information truncated into this one dmo PPO the names day they have that one is called dental health management organization the other is called preferred provider organization and basically the difference between the two is that with this one you don't have to have a primary care dentist or primary care doctor with this one you do so

This one you can see other doctors you can chew pick and choose which after you go to with this one you have to see your first your main doctor first before you go @youtube and you see other other dentists or they have to refer you around through the network etc.

Both of these are going to be in the network and going to be covered you can get dmo plans for as little as fifteen dollars a month you can get ppl plants is low is twenty dollars a month and I was explaining the last time that some of these cover twenty eight to forty percent but I've just learned something new listen to this

Dental insurance plan