we look at three things as far as practice viability we look at collections for the last three years we look at new patient slow for the last three years new patients would be code and the third thing we look at howard is how busy is the doctor solid week and a half two weeks absolutely solid for full coverage dental insurance.


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Then hey don't join anything anymore you're in pretty doggone good shape if you're below week solid though if you're less than or five working days solidly booked out then there's not adequate doctor busyness now the other end of the spectrum we see this sometimes.

The doctor that's in different plans and booked out six weeks they need psychological help they need a psychological counselor to be in plans and then the doctors book say six eight weeks out you can't even get to the doctor for full coverage dental insurance so they need to trim those plans back obviously.

So we look for the healthiness of the practice though where are you what's your new patient flow been the last three years what's your collections and how busy is the doctor so what what is the average number of plans so five.

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