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I've got it live I need money to live and ameritas dental braces are from what I found out anywhere between like three and seven thousand dollars so that's a lot of money and it's a lot of money that ameritas dental I didn't have so I didn't do anything with my situation because I couldn't afford to now I'm sure you can kind of see you can feel you can understand

where I'm coming from with all of this it was very devastating and so every day that I woke up I had to live my life I had to go to work I had to talk to people I had to meet people I had to go to the grocery store I mean just everything that a normal person doesn't their day I was doing missing a tooth just feeling so embarrassed and so ashamed and it was just not a good time for me now the reason that it was so in long gated like I said I was missing the tooth for two years was for a couple of

different reasons now that's not normal most people can kind of figure out how to get braces or get a dental implant but again with all of my financial issues at the time that wasn't an option for me so anyways um like I said I was missing a tooth for about a year and then things started looking up I was no longer single and I was no

longer the only sole financial provider for myself and my dog and everything because I was back with my boyfriend who is currently in my husband and um yeah so we went to look for doctors together that could fix my smile and I found an amazing amazing dentist who was here in San Diego I will link his information down below anybody's in the area in the San Diego area and you're looking for just an amazing dentist he does everything whether it's just like general dentistry but he also does

like implants and braces and veneers all that stuff so he's amazing anyways I found him and he said okay he gave me like a full dental exam instead we can do one of two things you do have a viable tooth there my recommendation my my absolute recommendation is .

ameritas dental