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Dental help important that we keep the teeth nice and dry during this part so the next thing I'm going to do is apply a sealant and this is the first part of the cement that holds the bracket onto the tooth Dental help you can tell it kind of brings the shine back to the teeth where the the acid etch made them look chalky so we apply this all the teeth all the way around you okay Cody he gave me a thumbs up okay now we're ready to put the braces on the first ones we're going to put on are the front top braces we're going to put those on and show you how those go on then I'll put the rest of the braces on after that and then we'll cut away to the final the final deal for you so the first bracket.

here goes on the cuspid tooth and you can see the star shape that it has this the stars are really interesting to put on they're really actually kind of easier than regular braces because they have such a shape that it really makes it easy to place them on the tooth now I'll use a little mirror too just to make sure that I have it lined up correctly in the middle of the bracket there's a little wine that we can adjust it so that the bracket is oriented towards the the length the whole length the long axis of the tooth and then I have a measuring device here that shows me exactly how far from the edge of the tooth it should be which is five millimeters and I'm going to adjust that just a little bit and now that tooth is in the right spot the bracket and this is the lateral incisor and that has the same vertical line in it now I'm using this Explorer to take away a little extras of cement because our goal is to keep the cement all the way underneath the bracket one thing really great about these wild smiles brackets is that they're a little bit bigger than a regular bracket and I think it helps when you're brushing your teeth that it keeps the plaque from being on the tooth and it's just

dental help