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All that but you know it really comes through when you start placing business with us that  full coverage dental insurance for implants  you can see that this gentle thing isn't just something on the side this is a core line for us in speed lines the biggest thing that a marriage does less than at least there's a benchmark portalthis is something that all call centers can submit and enter into it's. 

FULL COVERAGE DENTAL INSURANCE​ That's  medium is like to largest five iron plus America's falls within that medium range and within the insurance space no insurance company has received the benchmark portal two years in a row but Amyris has received a ten years in a row so it's pretty cool I'm not promising or saying you're never going to have any issues with the Meredith you know we'd all be foolish to to do so but what I am saying is if you're looking for a good dental plan I really believe we've got it so with that Danny.


I want to turn it back to you let's run through questions and then hopefully we've got a list of them here and we can try to get personal as possible thank you definitely just want to call attention to everybody there are some handouts they're downloadable for you hopefully you can see those in the little side box there so please make sure that you grab some of those they're downloadable PDFs of the various products.

That Bryan has covered for us and then also definitely feel free to chat you know any questions that you guys have brian is here you know offering up his time to be able to assist you guys so please feel free bit you know pop through any questions that you might have for him and one of the first questions that is popping up is what is the best way to market these products.

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That's good question maybe kind of a million-dollar question FULL COVERAGE DENTAL INSURANCE  I would say the best way to market these products this might not be the answer that this individual is looking for but is on a cross-sell basis I wouldn't necessarily be looking to build out like a dental website I mean I could use dental as a door opener but ultimately who's selling our plans it's those that are cross selling and so the largest Sugar's of the health or the Medicare are usually selling our plan so Dan's a question I would.

The best way to market them is on a cross-sell basis and just incorporating dental into all of your sales if you're at least asking about it every single time you can join that tamp of the to percent cross sell rate versus being in the camp of the with percent perfect and have this pop sure a couple different times now for clarification product availability


Dental insurance no waiting will get a patient advocate one that is capable of speaking their language their native tongue Dental insurance no waiting for lack of a better term and will help them consolidate bills into one bill.

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That fits their budget Dental insurance no waiting and you can use this service over and over again and what they essentially do is take all of your medical bills hook them into one bill and then you make a payment once a month until the entire bill is satisfied you can still use your services over and over again and.

They continuously go back and combine that all those payments into one what you would pay would be different from what Ed would pay or what I would pay it depends on the funds coming into your household so if I'm gonna understand this correct.

That you will have an Dental insurance no waiting advocate I mean somebody by name that will be working with you and that will actually communicate with you on some of these things that's true that advocate will stay with you for through one or two events as long as you're in the program and as long as that advocate is an employee with.

The Karis crew and they're gonna again have you get all of your bills with that particular medical event and then they will be the point of contact with the doctor the anesthesiologist and the hospital to get you one bill a case in point a lot of folks never look at their medical bill and.

You if you take a close look you'll find where you might have an aspirin that cost seven dollars and ninety-five cents yes not something that you know you make up and specifically talking about my wife's open-heart surgery one aspirin.

You will see that throughout the bill the Karis group is going to help Italy being fed and and the hospital still makes money and you're not going into the poorhouse that makes that sounds great I don't think there's any medical insurance that actually does.


Dental insurance ga no waiting period who is predominantly doing ACA business per se now if you do some Dental insurance ga no waiting period ACA business if that's a part of your business you want to sell.

This on the under side Dental insurance ga no waiting period totally cool no issues but our focus really is this product is is kind of created for the seniors but it is available for all ages okay and a couple people want to know if the slides are available to them yeah sure I can I can shoot them over to.

You if you can help me distribute them yep perfect perfect I don't do we record this yes we did okay cool yeah so we should be just fine on that as well so it looks like they want to know if it's available in Washington um funny they asked current answer's no it's one three six we don't have available but I'll break it here.

We actually just received Dental insurance ga no waiting period approval in Washington and in Maryland we received approval um and so I don't have a firm data when it will be launched I'm I'm expecting that with that that date will be sometime in early September but that has been Washington has been something.

That we've been working on for years it's the only plant is available up there right now is Delta Dental of Washington and so we will be the second carrier Washington is I'll just you know diplomatic lease a very particular on what they feel is the best way to structure dental plans for their insurance and so.

The plans are going to be different in Washington so they will unfortunately another state specific that we'll have to have that will be a little different from our base plans but I didn't the fact that we're bringing the good the good agents up there in Washington all planned on.

That's you know competitive competitive is going to be pretty exciting for them because there's not a lot of choice up there right now so yeah so early September is my hope and one will have that out but as we get closer and that dates are formalized you'll hear much more communication.


Then you are going to click submit registration so I will go ahead and click Dental Insurance No Waiting Period  Publish enrollment and it is thinking as you are able to see here it is going through to fill my registration it is LinkedIn and once more right there it says thank you your registration was submitted has my overview of information they'll be delivering my coverage in the email for my home address or in my speech.

I placed in there a  best dental insurance plans no waiting period  overview within here which the superior is. Cents a month that the date really begins tomorrow so one large reason once I was studying each one of these various strategies this one stood out for me is that this strategy doesn't have a waiting period so that you are able to purchase the insurance policy now it'll take effect another businessit is LinkedIn and after more appropriate there.

It says thank you that your registration was filed has my summary of advice they will be providing my policy in the mail for the residence address or within my address I put in there an overview in here that the premium is. Cents per month the effective date actually starts tomorrow so one big reason once I had been analyzing all those a variety of strategies that one stood out to me is that this approach does not have a waiting period so.


Dental Insurance No Waiting Period  You are in a position to buy the insurance coverage today it'll take effect another companyit's emeritus lifetime but when you take a look at the earnings we are a truly dental carrier exactly what I mean by that is if you examine both stage billion dollars earnings that we did last year most this. Billion to be accurate is from dental health and we sort of hit all aspects of dental if group dental if authentic retiree group dental um or if dental just like exactly what I am accountable for but what I would like.

You to notice is because Meredith you understand a massive firm um we are financially strong but we're a dental phobic carrier we are not a med sub carrier or another product line attention and psychological justice I the sideshow dental is actually our depart plan we are a mutual business me and we are held and owned by the policyholders we have gotten today on Norfolk workers and we're home office as.

I said in Lincoln Nebraska I especially in Minnetonka Minnesota that is where we now have a telephone to satellite division of about those who are focused about supply for our dental and we have got other offices all around across the nation and after that if you should add in also type of our sales rep offices I believe in total there is all these we pretty much covered the footprint and also sort of cover the entire gambit from a geographic perspective as you'd expect we are financially powerful we are a would they invest into a  allow me enter the prime celebrity program that prime celebrity is a title of our flagship product

Improve Full Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

full dental insurance with no waiting period If they're sometimes filling  out cash and it only needs to go on when  it goes out to the actual insurance company you can collect a pair and  therefore this will only count down when the claims gets billed out to the payer  the rendering physician the rendering practitioner really allows you to set who who's clean that this referral or  authorization can go on.

So if you have two doctors at your practice and you fill in one of them here whenever that you know let's take dr. Smith whenever  dr. Smith billed out for this patient the referral or authorization can apply but whenever dr. Jones billed out it would not apply we find this useful in a lot of practices that have more than one  that went our specialty and you know B.

1 7

full dental insurance with no waiting period Which is a the physical therapy services are not covered but the chiropractic services are covered and in this particular case it makes a lot of issues one of the other yeah  well this will want to disclose a specific position if you're going to break it down by specialty might be better to use a rendering specialty Tecton amico field this will say that it will only apply to claims.

Where  the rendering practitioner is a chiropractor or a physical therapist or occupational therapist whatever it might be you can use the code that's set up in the system by Your coach to fill this out usually for chiropractors at zero full dental insurance with no waiting period three five pts is zero six five if you have any other questions about who is set up it is set up in your account and your coach or the training team can assist you let you know who and set up is what but this will allow it so if you.

Have you know three chiropractors and two physical therapists and this authorization is only for chiropractic services you can fill in that zero through five here and this claim will only apply to clean  where the chiropractor is the rendering  practitioner that means whenever the physical therapist fills out it will not apply and will not use up a visit on that claim that should not be counted.

so these last three fields are optional they just try to assist you in helping the system automatically apply this the  referral or authorization when it should it's all about setting and forgetting so if you set this up right you so the technology itself should do the thinking for you yes you can also use this if you have two authorizations one for for example chiropractic and one for PT set read more full dental insurance with no waiting period.

How To Lose Money With Renaissance Dental

renaissance dental post-traumatic stress so any issue that would have made you do those things but if extra let's say was diagnosed renaissance dental with post-traumatic stress anxiety depression anger outbursts whatever it is and that's.

renaissance dental

The reason it shows renaissance dentalin their HR file more than likely we could show that veteran has a huge hurdle for securing gainful employment okay this is really not the place you want to be primarily because one annually they get to ask you have you been working but there's normally some type of room for.

Improvement depending on what that hurdle is if a person can have let's say counseling for the post-traumatic stress and now they can have gainful employment they're no longer going to be a hundred percent which is fine we want to make it closer to % on the healthy sign but I'll read the definition.

I use a form of % disability based renaissance dental on the fact that your service-connected disabilities pose a substantial barrier to gainful employment which is considered anything over the poverty level which is right now about , so let's just say adventuresome disabled that they can secure gainful.

Employment yeah they have a part-time job here there but it's worked out of their home working in an evening they don't have a lot of contact with folks and you're not making a lot of money.

Super Useful Tips To Improve Ameritas Dental

Representative going forward so we even look at  Ameritas Dental Insurance everything that gets submitted and we also play a part in resolving any issues coming down the pike okay if the records for the veteran are not visible already we as your counselors.

who would send an email to the VA and hand that veterans paper file Ameritas Dental  digitized into the DBMS system okay that's the veterans benefit management system the VA one paperless a couple years ago and this is a database that they use you know I'll get scanned in by a private party and then we log on put your social or your claim number in and.

it pops up with all your documents through your service records Ameritas Dental   and anything else that you may have submitted over the years once the records are visible in the DBS database the counselor sends in a request for the appropriate exams or gathers private medical evidence that is equal in weight to the VA exam so.

let's just say we have a veteran who wants to put in a claim for increased to the back condition they have not seen the VA related to any of that they have been seeing outside doctors for it all we instruct the veteran on how to approach that doctor get

top 10 real facts about dental help ( dentistry helps)

dental help tooth whitening if you refer somebody I'll give you a gift card if you refer somebody and even the state we can't give in North Carolina the staff a monetary gift for Referrals now I could give the staff at dental help the end of the year a bonus just for your support of the practice and I might take in consideration unless they've supported the practice but as far as the direct gift that's illegal under North Carolina law also unclaimed property offices in every state if .

dental help

I come into your practice Howard and I overpay my bill bucks you've got a hundred bucks of my money they're in in Arizona I come back to North Carolina I disappear you can't find me can you keep that hundred dollars yes you can hold it for what's called a holding period of time that's usually between one and three years depending on your state and then you've got to turn that hundred dollars over to the unclaimed property office now.

I want to caution also those listeners right now is that it's amazing but almost every lecture I give out of the audience is a doctor who goes to the unclaimed property office and finds that they have money the practice has money that is unclaimed there some insurance company or whatever of maybe send a check it bounced or maybe .

The office never cashed a check along the way some way and there's money for the practice at the unclaimed property office and while you're doing it our check and see that aunt Matilda that died or whatever the executor of the estate might not have known he had money in in the bank somewhere that some obscure account so you never know so .

I did want to talk about the unclaimed property office our admin book also has in it of course everything we've discussed here plus information about negotiating with PPOs plus information about the in-house discount plan where you set up it's not going to insurance but it's a in the house discount plan for people.

with no insurance it can't be marketed as insurance and so of the patient can join our savings plan if you will and that usually is a fixed amount of money such as  or so for the first year of preventive services .


we look at three things as far as practice viability we look at collections for the last three years we look at new patient slow for the last three years new patients would be code and the third thing we look at howard is how busy is the doctor solid week and a half two weeks absolutely solid for full coverage dental insurance.


Full coverage 2


Then hey don't join anything anymore you're in pretty doggone good shape if you're below week solid though if you're less than or five working days solidly booked out then there's not adequate doctor busyness now the other end of the spectrum we see this sometimes.

The doctor that's in different plans and booked out six weeks they need psychological help they need a psychological counselor to be in plans and then the doctors book say six eight weeks out you can't even get to the doctor for full coverage dental insurance so they need to trim those plans back obviously.

So we look for the healthiness of the practice though where are you what's your new patient flow been the last three years what's your collections and how busy is the doctor so what what is the average number of plans so five.

Dental Helps Provides A Best Dental Insurance Plan

if you can afford cable you can afford dental insurance because they have dental policies out there for fifteen dollars a month they  Dental Insurance Plans do so let's get right into it and as you see i'm making this video beer face no makeup not even my eyebrows

Dentalhelpsdentalhelps.png (15.36 KB)

I've been a lot more comfortable going out without my eyebrows lately so give me a thumbs up if you like my bare face and if you want up if you want clear natural skin like mine hand mate organic skin care products made by my company please come and support come to TKO skin calm decalSkin is what allows me to be able to make these videos for free so come and support here.

We go here's the chart oh this is not the way back this is a half a piece of paper from the back I try to recycle you know so listen let's get right into the dental plan which good over ok so these this is I'm going to explain dental insurance to you remember these two words this is I did this in my last video but the last video was really long so.

I want to get all the information truncated into this one dmo PPO the names day they have that one is called dental health management organization the other is called preferred provider organization and basically the difference between the two is that with this one you don't have to have a primary care dentist or primary care doctor with this one you do so

This one you can see other doctors you can chew pick and choose which after you go to with this one you have to see your first your main doctor first before you go @youtube and you see other other dentists or they have to refer you around through the network etc.

Both of these are going to be in the network and going to be covered you can get dmo plans for as little as fifteen dollars a month you can get ppl plants is low is twenty dollars a month and I was explaining the last time that some of these cover twenty eight to forty percent but I've just learned something new listen to this


Our charting and their literature that we use to identify these are more commonly referred to by number instead of having to say maxillary right third more this particular tooth is known as tooth number one and then we will start to number around the arch to Dental Insurance Maryland.


Dental ins mary 1


Until we come to which is the total number of the teeth so let's get the basic orientation of how these number our maxillary right third molar as tooth number one and then we will just start right down the line maxillary left right and see our maxillary right second more would be number two can we go right on down the line.

Until we come to our maxillary right central incisor which would be eight and would continue right around till we come over to our maxillary left third more which is number sixteen so they're right in order right around sixteen of them on the Dental Insurance Maryland.

Then we drop directly below this to tooth number seventeen which is our mandibular left third molar this is number if you've got to remember two teeth in the mouth for this numbering system one is your maxillary right third.


ameritas dental

I've got it live I need money to live and ameritas dental braces are from what I found out anywhere between like three and seven thousand dollars so that's a lot of money and it's a lot of money that ameritas dental I didn't have so I didn't do anything with my situation because I couldn't afford to now I'm sure you can kind of see you can feel you can understand

where I'm coming from with all of this it was very devastating and so every day that I woke up I had to live my life I had to go to work I had to talk to people I had to meet people I had to go to the grocery store I mean just everything that a normal person doesn't their day I was doing missing a tooth just feeling so embarrassed and so ashamed and it was just not a good time for me now the reason that it was so in long gated like I said I was missing the tooth for two years was for a couple of

different reasons now that's not normal most people can kind of figure out how to get braces or get a dental implant but again with all of my financial issues at the time that wasn't an option for me so anyways um like I said I was missing a tooth for about a year and then things started looking up I was no longer single and I was no

longer the only sole financial provider for myself and my dog and everything because I was back with my boyfriend who is currently in my husband and um yeah so we went to look for doctors together that could fix my smile and I found an amazing amazing dentist who was here in San Diego I will link his information down below anybody's in the area in the San Diego area and you're looking for just an amazing dentist he does everything whether it's just like general dentistry but he also does

like implants and braces and veneers all that stuff so he's amazing anyways I found him and he said okay he gave me like a full dental exam instead we can do one of two things you do have a viable tooth there my recommendation my my absolute recommendation is .

how to use dentemax insurance

dentemax reline material and think something got on my finger they look like the real einmal works crazy not the teeth but I mean you know they look pretty good for you know a first set of dentures dentemax there we go don't judge my dirty fingernails I'm a mom yeah so.


These here cost me bucks just for the dentures and the average for that is pretty much to  per plate or to a thousand dollars for the whole set so those dentures are going to use you know the quality of material that they use is going to be very basic like the most basic that they have like I these are just like I think that this is like a true bite type of tooth .

I think that that might be the brand of them and the shade is like b or something but like there's nothing fancy about them as you can see there's not a lot of attention to detail they're still nice I still got compliments for those and .

They were very affordable for me with with basic dentures you're going to have limited warranties they don't last as long they tend to look more artificial and maybe adapted from a standard size instead of a customized fit because they're not supposed to last like for me those were my temporary dentures .

I got those when I had my extractions and purpose for those is just to be a transitional denture while my gums were healing and you know because once you pull teeth your gums shrink your bone you know starts to kind of resorb or whatever and then after about a year nine months to.

A year you need to have that set replaced with something more long-term something made to last longer better quality and you're going to get a better fit when you go that route and I'll get that in a minute but anyway so you get what you paid for and those were very inexpensive the thing is a lot of you who need dentures right now

The Plan About Dental (ameritas dental)

ameritas dental if they need a complex plan there's a way that you can do this tell them something along the lines that they've had some expensive dentistry over the years and even though it's been done ameritas dental well unfortunately nothing lasts forever  .

Photo 1515086828834 023d61380316

That dentistry is starting to fail and several teeth and in detention or it's been a long time since you've been the dentist and because of that things have deteriorated since you were last in and there are now several teeth.

That need work and then you can say things along the lines this will mean that to strengthen and protect your teeth and stop them breaking again and again until they reach a point where we can't fix them I'm recommending crowns to cover and protect the teeth this means that we stronger that we easier to look after and they're not

Going to keep breaking you can chew confidently knowing you're not going to end up with more teeth falling apart now I need time later today when it's quiet for me to study all the photographs and the x-rays that we've taken and all the notes that we've made during this appointment that way without any interruptions and disturbances.

I can give this my full attention and draw up the treatment plan that's going to best work for you then you can either book them in for something small and simple to start or something that's urgent now if you've got the area of decay I am concerned about this tooth on the top left I'd like to get back to straight away so we can

The Story Of Dental Insurance Indiana Has Just Gone Viral!

Going to tell me everything about Dental Insurance Indiana and then it's for me in the builder to negotiate on how that's going to look like how much it's going to cost how long it's going to take and how we're going to stage it and we do that in dentistry we can phase treatment based on this is urgent.

Dental insurance indiana

This needs to be done immediately you've got pain here or if we don't attend to this you're going to have a big problem that could have been avoided a casa nice to see you Haley sir thank you for being here so if we just tell them exactly what we see and be a partner in what's going on in their mouth.

In their health care show them the x-rays take some photographs at the inside of the mat talk about what's going on and help them understand it and what's needed people will make their decisions they're quite intelligent yes price has to come into Dental Insurance Indiana.

But it doesn't hello hey guys though thanks for the shoutout price does come into it but it shouldn't be the deciding factor so offering your services in any business and expecting your patients to pay for them is a basic business principle it's an exchange of services so you're not selling dentistry you're saying to them hey I can help you fix that I can. 

How To Buy Dental Help

Dental help It tells you what the new National Health Service is and how you can use what it offers study the leaflet then keep it bio you will need it for reference from the th of July all aspects Dental help of medical care would be provided free of charge when.

Dental help

The first wave of patients arrived dentist set to work rectifying years of neglect the work to do when they and it just came into be mainly extractions to begin with and dentures and then you know the fact that you could save teeth pretty painlessly supposedly seeps through the population they came in just nine months FHS dental

Technicians made over million replacement teeth and dentists filled over million cavities they were long queues outside some dental surgeries and overworked dentists would see hundreds of patients and day in the first few years the NHS dental budget was more than double what had been planned so in the early s charges for.

Dental treatment had to be introduced the arrival of the NHS was probably the most important change in British dentistry after all for the first time ordinary people could afford to go to the dentist but the democratization of dental care did not lead to significant changes in our attitudes most people would still only go to the dentist if forced to.

By pain NHS dentist would work wonders fixing Britain's rotten mouths that was only half the battle the war for Britain's teeth would be won and not in the dentist's chair but in the bathroom of the thousands of new innovations and dental products that found their way into British homes there was one that really wouldn't transform the state of our teeth I've heard a great deal about a chemical that can be used on the teeth to .

Moments To Remember From California Dental Insurance

What were they able to do in this period one of the number one things dentists would have done was provided splints to support the jaw and in order to aid its healing but also they crafted incredible dentures and external supports to really recreate the structure of the California dental insurance that hard tissue structure.

California dental insurance

That the plastic surgeons could then graft over and if you look here at the images you can see that he's lost the majority of his jaw private Donald's injured chin was being repaired with a tubular skin graft growing from his neck so not only are the plastic surgeons rebuilding that area with skin grafts.

It was also suggested by the consulting dental surgeon they use a bone graft to sort of fill in that gap and what bone would be used from his body they would have used a graph from the tibia so the shin bone to recreate that part of the jaw which was very pioneering technique at the time unfortunately with this soldier.

It was decided it wasn't advisable he wasn't strong enough to undergo that treatment in the course of the war of the , British soldiers received facial injuries these wounds were often so severe that dentists had little idea what they were dealing with California dental Insurance.

The Best Teeth Help IS Dental Help

Really looked down upon Dental Help by most physicians and surgeons and effectively what he did was to make dentistry a respectable profession as well as setting dentistry on the road to becoming.

This modern science hunters book also popularized a rather controversial dental procedure the transplanting of human teeth in the satirical cartoon a dentist is pulling the teeth from a chimney sweep ready to be implanted into the waiting mouths of an aristocratic lady lurking in the background is a good.

Test character inspecting his new set of lashes which had been pulled from two poor children few of these transplanted teeth took permanent route and there was a real risk of contracting diseases like syphilis but that didn't deter the vein rich John Hunter had fueled a craze which meant the teeth of the poor became a prized asset to be bought and sold but within.

A few years it was the teeth of the dead that would grab the public's imagination in the early th century human teeth became an increasingly valuable commodity in fact they were so in demand that grave robbers could earn the equivalent of ten thousand pounds a night stealing the teeth from corpses these grisly trophies of the dead .

Were used to make lifelike dentures for the rich but in these grave robbers almost went out of business in June that year , men was slaughtered at the Battle of Waterloo as night fell ghoulish scavengers arrived on the battlefield and began to pull the teeth from the dead and dying and their teeth they flooded the British market as .

A consequence even the truthless middle classes could afford to buy their own regret the era of fashionable false teeth had arrived one of the largest collections of false teeth in the world is managed by the British Dental Association false teeth have a long history the ancient Etruscans who lived in what's now Tuscany we're making serviceable gold dentures.

From around BC curator Rachel Barstow has catalogued hundreds of sets of false teeth including those made from the dead soldiers of

Stylish Ideas For Your Dental Insurance For Veterans

The parking garages article and it will work as you look you  Dental Insurance For Veterans  see we found Chavo Chavo yet second month energy Dunhill reopened their patient that you don't want this article the Odom is article finally can be tricky Donald Ando treat calculating.

The first class medication as he pardoned eg bath apna danjiri  Dental Insurance For Veterans thoroughly past me pendejo infection - Amanda debauchee oppidum the jaws are there the is sorry today treatment hey give this is basically conservative dentistry area for practice craft.

Their chaotic done cut don't open and on Bacardi Kosciuszko the is sorry options of Nicole available had yet to go hockey with you worker the witch tgj a pocket under kinara proteus in our code is a pen are given the sea dentist pool patients and the city can.

They see it or sambira are the code on the Saratoga the dogs have Nikita key  Dental Insurance For Veterans cannot seek a blue arrow a see Gina McCarthy as Colinas d materials Hannity Jenner to tying of it forever Adira Sarah have built up yonder they kick week a nice and dirty but Khosla over here who are appropriate them sooner McConnell are than

Things That Happen When You Think About Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

Hamming or notch at but at the time down about ten millimeters and they felt that was a great posterior point to create an average anterior posterior to plane we didn't go into it but you can change the occlusal plane if you think that Is dental insurance worth it? and wish that you do it by just manipulating those front.


is dental insurasnce worth it?



Anterior teeth are actually grinding on via the molars can you comment please about an upper partial with teeth from upper cusp to cusp um can you please comment on Is dental insurance worth it? I have an upper partial with teeth from upper custom cuz I'm not really sure what's it being asked there um but we could talk about a single denture.

This technique can be used equally well with a single maxillary mandibular denture all you have to do is record the making a copy of the opposing model either digitally or traditionally Andy could make a single denture as well one of the question was how does the lab be able to set the teeth without mounting the cast.

Where they did it an average and they and we know it's an average we know it's going to be close to the patients just because they're those measurements are tried and true but they're not perfect but remember we can move them in that wax.