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Something that again this was Dental Insurance Maine  something that that I was always told  could never be done in office or done and evils off I actually worked out the  ability to do two lunches in a day oh wow and again this was something that I was told could not be done that you know  because I have a lot of offices are open a really long day and they might have choose swing shifts and do the hygienists and that opportunity has a  dinner break and I was always told it couldn't be done and it took me ten years.

Dental Insurance Maine But I figured out how I could get two lunches in a day so that is another way that we were able  to put in Huddle's I worked on the office yesterday at California to be able to put Huddle's in the morning now we listed it just as lunch because we can't change the title of that but now we actually put the huddle  time in the morning and so.

There's a couple ways of doing a lot of work rounds but I love the ability to put the blocks if that's the best and a bit based off of the amount of time we have we're not going to show you how to do  all of this but the one thing that I love when I first started with Eagle stuff so I'm an Eagle soft user that can convert it to den tricks or started with den tricks after that and then went back to Eagle soft.

So I've been on both sides  I Dental Insurance Maine love customizing the toolbar at the top to make it work best for so we have what we call as a front office tool bar because when we first get it in Egosoft it's like all these little codes and pictures and you don't know what they mean so we've set up you know a front  office tool bar like you have here that that's the things.

that we need to see when we need access to Dental Insurance Maine  fast we did make a copy of it and I'm sure Andre can help people with that so that sometimes people self will have glitches as we all know and it'll go back to the original  tool bar and so now whenever that happens we have we can just paste in the tool bar that we set up so is there any do you have any other thoughts about tool bar out there all right with you and I do this all the time.

When I'm training new users well I don't work with new users now but in the past when  I was working with new users I would change this because if you're coming from soft and you're coming for practice works or something like that you know sometimes the terminology is different so instead of account we make changes to ledger so works better

Dental Insurance Maine