Best Things About Dental Help

I checked which was a couple Dental Help months ago we're even the only carrier an ortho and I guess if I keep saying it long enough allowed enough someone will eventually try to copy but nonetheless last night Chuck we're going carry that off his Oracle day one after a year so that's a huge benefit especially for those of you in the hundred fifty-five side I'd be selling that all day long.

Dental Help you know braces are only going up and up on coverage in terms of the cost so in fact you can give them some benefit runaways it's a pretty big deal this plan is an annual maximum , so this is our quote-unquote rich plan so to get a little bit more granular or to give you some details that you're not going to typically hear this is our top-selling plan about seventy seventy-five percent of our enrollments are the.

Advantage Plus plan we made a plan Dental Help design change back in I believe it was a tune of and historically the split was pretty even only / between our two plans ever since we made that change it has gone dramatically leaning towards the advanced plus two and so if you're a person that already sells our plans and you have feedback on.

the why I've gathered my fair amount of feedback on the why but I'm not potentially curious so feel free to shoot us that info here's our other plan the advantage of and to this plan is really it's pretty unique this plan was kind of my baby this is something that I thought up of really for thee for the agents that are doing high-volume business for the agents that want to keep a simple

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