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That  means the composite I just actually had Full Coverage Dental Insurance   this done the composite that I had is ten years old it was flaking and it was  coming apart no dude no dude knew decay but the actual composite was defective so I'm going to say that work is  defective and now look at the difference now it means something and now I can say let's replace that composite with in a  Modi composite and now it looks different all right let me turn my ledger on you can see down here in my ledger.

That when I Full Coverage Dental Insurance charted it so when I  went into the doctor's office and each art in it you said Andra you've got an emoji that's defective and now in the ledger it tells me that it's a defective  and he's replacing it with new modei no new DK thankfully so that's the way it should look now let's look at a pfm and this is the way equal soft would propose  a pfm as opposed to proposing a all ceramic realm and this is where the custom draw types make a big difference proposal and see.


The difference in the pixelated occlusal yes going for a pfm  to Full Coverage Dental Insurance an all ceramic crown that's where the charting starts to really come alive and having these things look different and I we like I said we switched we migrated from dendrix Egosoft note nothing wrong  with dendrix we just had our own personal reasons to doing that I found that charting was the hardest part for people to get used to because it's not the same way I think in other software do you find the same thing oh yeah yeah  and it you know.

If it's Full Coverage Dental Insurance  kind of like the battle between an Android phone and our iPhone you know it's the one that you're used to you know I always tease people when they say oh I don't like Eagles off and I look at what so they have and I  say let me just take your phone out give you mine and tell me if you like or not it's it's you know it's it's a tough one yeah.

Definitely but this is if you spend the time learning this it's amazing and it's super easy to be able to chart existing and then put together a  treatment plan and have it ready for the patient I mean if your doctor under you and I are both on the same page you need to go chart list and I actually say paperless now right there's no reason not to it's just the technology is there but you really have to invest

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