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Dental Helps lost unlike tooth decay where mainly subsurface minerals are lost in dental erosion the enamel first becomes thinner and may eventually be completely lost if dental erosion continues after the enamel is lost dental erosion then removes minerals from dentine this happens more quickly than with enamel because the dentine is softer erosion Dental Helps.

results from the loss of enamel dentin and/or cementum due to the acids of non bacterial origin abrasion results from the physical wearing away of the tooth structure by an abrasive substance moving against the tooth attrition also causes loss of enamel and dentine due to wear of opposing teeth during chewing and or grinding dental erosion

matters because the enamel becomes thinner and there is a long-term risk to the health of the tooth eroded teeth have lost enamel there is less or no enamel remaining to protect the teeth against abrasion attrition and possibly tooth decay once dentin is exposed the acid that causes erosion can also remove the smear over the dentinal

tubules opening these up and causing sensitivity erosion can also lead to the appearance of discoloration because dentine is yellower than enamel or because the dentine is thin and pulp shows through dental erosion can cause so much enamel and dentine to be lost that the teeth must be restored and rebuilt now can you prevent erosion firstly try to avoid acidic foods fruits and beverages secondly avoid brushing Dental help